First Zelda Gameplay Video - E3 Nintendo Briefing Skyward Sword

The first gameplay was shown for the upcoming Zelda title from Nintendo. Skyward Sword.

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poe2929d ago

Major technical fails at the conference

WhittO2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

This conference is cringe-worthy, the audience barely reacts lol and don't blame them.

They have already showed more good games than MS entire conference though.

Hideo_Kojima2929d ago

Remember the iPhones video chat didn't even work until people shut their internet connections.

There are like 300 people in there all with smart phones and laptops it may have really been interfirence...

but it was most likely that the guy was SHIT at the game.

PLAYstar2929d ago

New malfunctioning Zelda game.
Mii Party
And now a Mickey Mouse RPG

Its like M$ and Nintendo just open up the road for Sony to walk the park with ease! =) I love it! Sony to dominate E3 bid my whole house on that..

GiggMan2929d ago

At least they tried. It was all real time though, A for effort.

Arnon2929d ago

This is amazing. It's like Twilight Princess and Wind Waker had a beautiful baby.

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math2929d ago

Would like to use Kinect on it.

FanboyAttack2929d ago

I hate listening to Miyamotot but this game looks awesome

PS3XBOX360WII2929d ago

Looks sweet but they had some problems

math2929d ago

Has been waiting for this

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The story is too old to be commented.