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gameseveryday2810d ago

Hell yeah, finally a zelda game.

Valay2810d ago

Yup! Though I'm surprised they started off with it.

Trollimite2810d ago

but the wii motion plus isn't as solid as i hoped it would be, he couldn't even swing the sword right ad he made the game. its still in alpha though (i hope)

StanLee2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Yeah. Live streaming the conference now and if that's the accuracy of motion plus, it's not very responsive. Also the presentation itself is flat.

Redempteur2810d ago

Interferences.. ( like with the bow )

Anarki2810d ago

Meh.... You'd think Miyamoto would know how to play by now..

WhittO2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

wow, that really looked bad compared to how accurate Move is.

Edit: Unless its because of faults, but it still looked like it was just a bunch of present moves with the sword.

Atleast Nintendo doesn't hire actors to pretend to play their games!

Danteh2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )


there were some problems in stage but I'm sure the new controls will be fucking awesome

But Miyamoto should have learned to freaking play games after 30 years in the industry haha

zireno2810d ago

not to sound a little harsh, but I prefer some difficulties on a live demo, than a staged presentation like microsoft did. anyway, I know it'll handle well when it releases.

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Bnet3432810d ago

The release date is 2011, eh. :/

-Alpha2810d ago

That's a good thing.

Funny, Nintendo already surpassed my expectations.

Nintendo seems to be back. I can't believe I'm seeing good, hardcore games.

Daver2810d ago

the game looks great but the wii sucks, the sword was not even following his movements even before the interference

teedogg802810d ago

Yeah it was kind of a sloppy demonstration.

jack_burt0n2810d ago

brutal fail feel for nintendo

Smacktard2810d ago

The trailer looks awesome, but seeing Shiggy play it on-stage was utterly embarrassing and completely made me lose hope. The sword wasn't following his movements, neither did the shield, the bomb, the beetle, and especially not the bow. I've lost hope.

Raf1k12810d ago

Just been watching this and the motion controls don't seem very responsive. He started saying he was getting interference as well.

Anyone know if this is likely to have an option to play normally without motion controls?

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Valay2810d ago

Nice way to start off!

ElementX2810d ago

Already better than the MS conference!

The Great Melon2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Agreed. I am reading a live blog and just saw the words Zelda and thought that. Sounds like I am finally getting the Zelda I wanted back when Twilight Princess released.

EDIT: I really wish I could see this but I am at work and flash isn't installed. =(

FunAndGun2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

The gameplay demo on E3 looks, something.

edit: wow, I hope it really is a control problem or the wireless interference, because he is apologizing....and it is not looking good. :(

renegade2810d ago

MMm he had problmes with motion controller