Playstation Home To Get Update Today

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "Word on the streets is that PSN will be down from 12 noon – 3pm PST for an update."

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Joni-Ice2656d ago

Have been waiting for something like this.

zootang2656d ago

It might come out of beta and get an official launch

-Alpha2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

If PSN is down again then I suspect PSN+ update more than ever.

Hope Sony gives a free 1 month trial for all users or something. Fingers crossed.

Redempteur2656d ago

i doubt it ... but the client version might go up .. to annonce many news things ...

LiquifiedArt2656d ago

Wish this was stylized and intergrated as part of the Playstation Experience. I think sony missed it on this.

Tomdc2656d ago

sony announce huge update that delivers on all the promises they made about home!!! ..? please?

BiggCMan2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

god i hope so.

MGRogue20172656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Uh oh.. Will we still be able to play online multiplayer during the downtime?? :(

Joni-Ice2656d ago

Who care for Home you say? I guess you do. Why click a article about PS Home read it, then make a comment, if you didnt care? Oh Wait

itswar2656d ago

who cares about home lol its all about kinect and the new xbox.i might update it but ps3 is a bit boring now, i mean look halo reach, gears of 3, fable 3 oh my daze who cares about home its rubbish.

squelchy152656d ago

Errrm, whilst I agree with you about Home, to say PS3 is boring now is a stupid thing to say! I love my xbox but after their E3 showing yesterday that they have next to no games coming out...Its the 360 that looks to be getting boring!

UnwanteDreamz2656d ago

Who are you trying to convince? Us or yourself?

BrianC62342656d ago

Why would anyone care about that rubbish. PS3 is waaaaaaaaay better.

redsquad2656d ago

I care about Home - I don't care about Xbox, "Kinect", GeOW 3 or HALO REACH.

Ergo, your post was in error.

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