Nintendo Press Conference Live Feed (GamingBolt)

Nintendo are going live with their press conference over at E3 2010 in just an hour. Are you ready to take in the surprises? Get a hold of the live feed here at GamingBolt. Whether you are at work or at school and unable to catch the conference live you can get the complete feed here.

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kalebgray922868d ago

but its demo so ill wait for final build.... come on star fox!

bruddahmanmatt2868d ago

Nintendo is FAILing. Everyone cheered when Link appeared on the screen but these controls are horribly inaccurate.

hoops2868d ago

Its a Nintendo first party game. When its done it will run perfect.

kalebgray922868d ago

someone messing it up with a wireless device haha so messed up

halocursed2868d ago

I hope this some footage of Zelda!

gameseveryday2868d ago

According to sources Nintendo will be annoucing a new zelda game and DS2, i suppose.

randomwiz2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

new zelda game!!!!!!

watching the video, it looks like he had a little trouble, but nonetheless, this zelda game looks awesome, and im glad they implemented motion plus

GamingForever2868d ago

I wonder what they are going to call the 3DS, I heard that's not the name they will really use...

GLoRyKnoT2868d ago

it will be called: Road apple

ElementX2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

I'm guessing Wii Music 2, Carnival Games 3, a hip-hop game with the balance board

So that's how you say Reggie's name \

OMG Zelda! *girly scream*

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