Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - First Gameplay-Video

Electronic Arts released the first minutes of real gameplay-sequences in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. The video shows a pursuit between a cop and a racer. Looks great. Check the link.

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xtreampro2925d ago

It reminds me of Burnout

Cool, the graphics are incredible. Fans have been wanting a Hot Pursuit for a long time

SebTh2925d ago

I'm happy EA and Criterion have chosen Hot Pursuit. Looks great.

NateNater2925d ago

Burnout mixed with NFS? I'm in! Offline split-screen please!

Shani2925d ago

yes.. offline split screen would be awesome..
This game is gonna rock.

boodybandit2925d ago

wheel support!
The last two racing games released Blur and Split Second didn't.
Shift had wheel support by it as made by a different developer. I just hope Criterion implements it as well.

deadpoole2925d ago

Ive been waiting for this game effing ages ... youve got no idea how many countless hours Ive spent on NFS3 both day and night mode. NFS:Hot Pursuit 2 was best on PS2 ... and now this .... amazingggggggggggg.

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Dissidia2925d ago

Does remind of Burnout, and that is in no way a bad thing !

MGRogue20172925d ago

This footage is from the conference..

I really thought it was *new* footage

tsn2925d ago

Dumbed down version of racing :(

I enjoy prostreet GT and forza type games.

Casuals enjoy.

hiredhelp2925d ago

we defo need a proper NFS hot pursuite is what its all about.NEED FOR SPEED BREAKING THE RULES. with both companys emerging together they both offer things that can only make nfs a better game. burnout was whacky crazy over the top racing.
not exactly best graphics but still phanomanal.but they had great gameplay.i beleave with that invation of gameplay.and few other things like online gameplay. and EA'S engine and knowledge with NFS. i think this is a good thing. thoe nfs does need to keep it real. i personally hate the sequels of nfs not knowing if gonna be the same or if it isnt i like to keep things like it was supposed to be.

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