Black Prophecy Trailer - E3

The newest trailer to the upcoming space MMO Black Prophecy has been released today at E3

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Murgatroyd72737d ago

Not really my kind of game, but it at least looks cool.

Fabian2737d ago

This game actually gets more interesting every time I see it - I'm still not completely convinced, but if I keep seeing cool game mechanics, I think I could get behind it.

RaymondM2737d ago

same here, it looks interesting but I'm not sold on it. With a barrage of great games coming out and great peripherals on the way, this game might go under my radar.

thegreatest78842737d ago

I've never liked space combat games, but I thought it looked neat when they showed a first person view from the ship. Not really my kind of game, though.

Gestalt2736d ago

Looks pretty swell for an F2P MMO.