Microsoft's Smoke and Mirrors

Miming the Forza / Kinect demonstration.

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Reibooi2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Is anyone really surprised? After the glitchy Avatar Shoe incident last year I would expect MS to do nothing less.

The fact is it's pathetic to not have enough confidence in a product you expect consumers to buy and save your console for the next 4-5 years. They need to show REAL and LIVE demos not faked footage or pre recorded stuff.

The more of this people see the more they go "Well it's not gonna be worth buying if they have to fake even this simple stuff"

Shadow Flare2959d ago

well natal deserves ZERO praise then. They don't even show it live at E3, they FAKE the whole thing. It deserves ZERO praise because it obviously doesn't work. If it did they would have shown it live. Like sony does and WILL

Rumor2959d ago

Its amazing how that girl had a "twin" to do the chat with.
I smell pre recorded, staged chat

snipermk02958d ago

Lol.. damage control at its finest! :P

AtatakaiSamurai2958d ago

the number of developer studios like Lion Head and Turn10 that played along in trying to deceive the public. No shame, no sense of pride.

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Redrum0592959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

smoke? maybe not. but mirrors yes. mirrors for looking at what we already knew, and im talking about games. same exclusives and multiplats that we already knew about for a while.

so MS show being smoke and mirrors.. no
MS show being just mirrors... yes

SillySundae2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

And this is the reason why I am losing faith with MS.

I would've been able to accept this if there was a disclaimer of sorts that this is a concept.

But with the way they presented it, with a man actually doing gestures, they REALLY intended to deceive us.

@StanLee 1.3.1
And that's is my point.
Why did they have to do this if its working anyway?
(and spare themselves from this)
Get it?

Also, I wish I was there at the E3 floor to say:
"Hey I saw that car demo being played on the floor."
"... Hey it's working fine"

Unfortunately I wasn't ... so I really can't tell you if it's there or not or if its working great.
All I can see is a video that shows me something that rattles my confidence in the company I supported (360 owner here)

StanLee2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Almost all the games shown are playable on the show floor. Fanboys can piss off.

Reibooi2959d ago

@Stan Lee

That's the point. Most if not all of these games are there to play in real time on the show floor. Yet MS did NOT have the confidence in Kinect to show these games real and live instead opting to have a pre recorded video that those on stage mimic.

If it works SHOW it. Sony did that the very FIRST time they ever showed PS Move. MS needs to do the same.

WhittO2959d ago

Have you seen any vids from that "gameplay" yet ? awful.

Kleptic2959d ago

^^this isn't though, right?...if so, why isn't there article after article of people saying 'it actually works'?...

all that presentation did was raise more questions...why are things happening before the real person moves? do you work the pedals, especially standing?...etc.etc.etc...move already has big videos of up from IGN, GS, Giantbomb, etc all showing Move in action...with nothing but feedback stating 'it does what it is supposed to', allwoing everyone to make their own decisions on whether or not its just a wiimote clone...while kinect has left almost everyone with more questions, and a much more skeptical eye now that all the presentation information was blatantly canned...

even worse for me was the guy awkwardly moving around to 'look' at the didn't seem to sink at all with his body movements...he was still right in front of the camera, just moving his shoulders or something to walk five feet around a ferrari on screen? was plain weird, and everyone seems to agree...I'll give MS credit in that this is beyond what others are doing with motion control, so its probably something very difficult to illustrate, and simply needs to be tried to understand...but MS is not letting anyone do that yet, or at least not exactly...and their explanations and demonstrations do more harm than good when they are fake, right?...

Godmars2902959d ago

I'd like to know i they've got Forza looking good why using it, why doesn't the Star Wars look nowhere close to Force Unleashed?

Microsoft Xbox 3602958d ago

It may be playable on the show floor, but does it work as advertised?

Umb2958d ago

I've lost faith in them long agao when I had to go through 2 x360. My first x360 lasted 10 minutes out of the box brand new! My second one lasted 10 months, which I did self repairs by increaing the ventilation and added additional fans for cooling and it hanged on for another 4 months before totally crapping out.

Whereas my launch 60gig PS3 is still going with no signs of any issues, my Wii is still going.

I'm not made of money and can't afford to keep replacing something that is not reliable, besides if I keep supporting a crappy product this just reinforces the idea in this case for MS that people are stupid or sheep and will blindly allow them to get away with it. This will inturn lower the standards for future products because the know they can get away with it.

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Inside_out2959d ago Show
snipermk02958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Lol.. another damage control drone. =p

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Godmars2902959d ago

Really surprised all the focus of possible shenanigans is on Forza - 4? - and not the other driving game. The air-tricks especially where happening before the woman did anything.

ryuzu2959d ago

Well, there seems to be so much I guess different people spotted different things.

What seems strange though is given that MS decided to fake this stuff, why didn't they do a better job? The next question is, what are they concerned about?

Is it only lag, or is there something else? Is the code not ready yet to demo this live? Is the tracking system prone to drop outs, or inaccuracies? Does the system only work in conditions they couldn't guarantee in the hall?

It just seems weird to decide to fake it, and then to fake it so badly everyone can see it's faked... I mean we're not far from release - when will this be ready to show properly working to everyone.

Even the Ubi show demo didn't seem quite right in retrospect.


Redrum0592959d ago

i think it was still forza3 dude. if it were forza4 dont u think he wouldv talked about a new physics engine or his new graphics engine and how everything is definitive about it. all it was is an add-on or something for forza3 with kinect integration.

Jeff2572959d ago

My big question for the driving games was how exactly was she making it drive? I got the boost part when she threw both hands forward but there was no mention of how to accelerate or brake.

Kleptic2959d ago

it wasn't forza anything other than simply a tech demo...a fake tech demo that pretty much everyone saw nearly right away...its not a 'new' game, just MS illustrating what can be done with kinect...or at least what they want us to believe can be done...

ryuzu I totally agree...How could they possibly think faking it this badly would have benefit anything?...I get the stage fright issue, where that guy probably rehearsed that 500 times over the past few months/weeks...then bombed on stage...but things need more explaining now than they did before...

if it is lag, like many media people have stated they noticed...why is it 'forward' lag haha?...its the human lagging, not the on screen hand symbol...and how do his body movements correlate into rotation around a car like that?...he was awkwardly wiggling around but mostly staying in place while the camera panned all the way around the ferrari...that demo needed a disclaimer of at least 2 minutes explaining simple things like that, and it would have gone a long way to help the perception of the public...

No doubt...this will go down as MS's single worst E3 yet I bet...sad too, because all they normally do is announce some once big PS exclusive franchise coming to 360 day and date with the PS3...and everyone says MS 'won' E3 again...

insomnium2958d ago

Great read and I'm 100% with you.

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HolyOrangeCows2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Some of the conference's gameplay video was definitely prerecorded.

Hellsvacancy2959d ago

Sum, looks like it was all pre recorded shame on u MS

DelbertGrady2959d ago

Some of your comments sound pre-recorded.

Nicaragua2959d ago

Some of your comments make you sound like a bell-end.

Touche !

Pennywise2959d ago

Soda, I am sure you garnished some respect yesterday for being the only 360 troll still standing... well, and Omega. But today it is just annoying. Give it a rest.

MS's conference was a bomb. The internet is still ringing with disappointment. Only a thick headed, stubborn, brain washed child would still be trying to defend them.

Their stuff was prerecorded and the actors couldn't even keep up with the simple movements. It looked like the game were controlling the people instead of the people controlling the game.

You have fun with your remodeled disc scratching, casual box while the rest of us gamers wait for Sony to give us what we want: GAMES.

jmare2959d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

I think the word you are looking for is "all."

Also, I think it is quite the coincidence that the person they gave the kinect to was the girl's "twin" sister.

supersonicsaga2959d ago

You should bump up your Gamerscore and isn't that the LAST airbender?

Misterhbk2959d ago

I believe all the Kinect stuff was prerecorded. I noticed similar things in the Dancing game while the girl was on stage dancing, and the same when the girl was playing with skittles the tiger. I guess she was supposed to be petting him, but had her hands down for a few seconds too long and the hands appeared on the screen early. and Joy Ride...whether prerecorded or not just looks SAD! if this is the game that MS hopes to compete with Mario Kart and ModNation....its back to the drawing board

Misterhbk2959d ago

Oh and the most obvious one, at least to me, that I forgot about...when they did the whole track race. The girl was pumping the heck outta her legs which you would assume would make her run faster, while the guy was just kinda strumming along, but he still won in the end???? raised a few flags for me. Either there are simulated speeds in the game and it doesn't matter whether you just walk or actually run in place, or it was definitely prerecorded.

Gun_Senshi2959d ago

stands for Mirror and Smoke

jack_burt0n2959d ago

lol v true the new standard in deception.

FiftyFourPointTwo2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

nevermind this post. Gun_Senshi beat me to it. :)