Nintendo makes all the money in the world

You'd have to have been in cave for the past year to not have heard how Nintendo is making more money than Mario games at the moment. All those sales have now converted into major coin for Nintendo's bulging corporate wallet.

Nintendo's first-quarter financial results for 2007 are out and they reveal an astonishing 416 percent rise in net profits for the Japanese giant when compared to the same period last year. In even simpler terms, Nintendo is raking it in.

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BlackTigea4108d ago

$$$$$ need I say more, Nintendo profits keep soaring amazing.

Skynetone4108d ago

if you can find a wii in the shops at christmas count yourself lucky

i wont be picking one up myself, unless i wake up in a tom hanks movie

its a 360 or a ps3 for me

Keyser4108d ago

I hope they spend some of that revenue on advanced version of the new Wii2. I'm sure there games are fun but it is not for me at all and I'll be interested to see how they repeat this performance in the next generation of gaming. I'm ASSuming that most people who bought a Wii this generation hadn't bought a game system since NES if at all.

Still, good job Nintendo, you definitely proved me wrong. I didn't think it would be very popular.

ChickeyCantor4108d ago

Wii>super Wii? looks like this might be happening.
you assuming that most people bought a Wii never got something since the nes but i bet they did got a snes?

Keyser4108d ago

What I'm saying is that the Wii is appealing to the "mainstream" people who don't normally play video games. I'm not saying that "hardcore" gamers don't have one too but that the majority of it's sales probably come from Mom's and Dad's who never bought a system before but chose the Wii because it looks like fun for the kids or people who had a NES and loved Mario as kids.

NoiseBringer4108d ago

Impresive...god job....
IMHO i´ve played Nintendo but i dont think that they have 3 games that could make me to buy that console...... :/

BrotherNick4108d ago

Tell me how much you play games after you beat them...those 2-3 games have long replay value if you use it 2-3 times a week. I like playing some golf and tennis, and when people come warioware is always used. Also for a little difference in minigames I have super monkey ball which I find entertaining. I will buy super mario galaxy and smash, 5 games a year is all I am buying cause I would rather spend my money on something a bit more useful, games can hinder your life if you want it to...I hear stories about people who play WoW >.>;

mikeslemonade4108d ago

Nintendo still doesn't even have as close to the amount of money as Sony and MS. Nintendo needs to get lucky again next gen with an innovative hardware gimmick. All Sony and MS needs to do is copy what Nintendo does. MS has the most money and Sony has a lot of money too and they have relationships with companies.

ItsDubC4108d ago

I'm curious to see how much money Nintendo has compared to Sony and MS's respective game divisions.

lawler4108d ago

I guess you didn't hear, Nintendo overtook Sony's market value about a month ago.

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