Black Ops pre-orders match MW2

Activision CFO reveals interest is on par with last year’s Call of Duty.

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gtamike2833d ago

looks like a mod from MW2

Bluemaster772833d ago

O god i predict another blockbuster in terms of number not quality

Jamaicangmr2833d ago

I am not a fan of Treyarch but i gotta admit that Black Ops looks interesting.

MSpence5162833d ago

This is such a disappointment

The more it sells, the more it lets the industry know that this kind of crap is acceptable(sports games included).

CellularDivision2833d ago

Is UC2/Resistance/KZ2 amongst that crap?

MSpence5162833d ago

Are they releasing new titles every year? No. What is your point?

Colonel-Killzone2833d ago

So sad so much better games then this is gonna be out in the future and this is what people rather.

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