New Xbox 360 guide: Microsoft's slim console explained

Engadget: It may not have a new name, but the Xbox 360 certainly has received quite a facelift on this the fifth anniversary of its unveiling. The new Xbox 360 (aka the "Xbox 360 250GB") makes up for its familiar name by offering a starkly refreshed and, in our eyes, significantly sexier design than its predecessor -- which honestly was quite the looker in its day.

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hamoor2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

it looks like the fat ps3 and the original xbox have a baby
the old 360 looks like an ugly pc :)

GodsHand2832d ago

yeah, that has a eating disorder (anorexia).

GodsHand2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

double bubble post

Elimin82832d ago

More like a cross between the 360 and the wii.

trounbyfire2832d ago

i say it a mutant 360 that looks like an ugly pc
PS3 fat is way to sexy to hook up with the 360

DelbertGrady2832d ago

Perhaps if you are into George Foreman and his merchandise.

The new 360s is definitely the best looking console this gen, followed closely by the black Wii.

eggbert2832d ago

Black Wii is best by far.

the banged in sides of the slim 360 kill it for me, but its still the 2nd or 3rd best. Debatable for me whether the slim 360 or the white Wii is better.

Then again, its all just opinion.

R2D22832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )


ProjectVulcan2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Is it actually that much smaller than the original design though?? Moving the hard drive has reduced the height by itself. I figure it'll be a lot lighter, but size wise it doesnt look like it has lost a great deal. I seen it next to a pad and a game box and a disc, we need comparison shots (i dont trust that engadget have the correct scale) to the old but it doesnt look much more than 20 percent or so all round. I hope that the motherboard revisions have finally killed off hardware problems for good, but reducing the case size also means that you reduce the cooling abilities. So we'll wait on that.

Saying that though PS3 slim isnt massively smaller than the original machine but a a fair bit lighter. This still has an external power supply as well. I would have rather they waited until they can get the whole thing in one smaller box than stick with an external supply TBH. It also still uses proprietary HDD connectors, so still no buying your own 2.5 sata. The reason PS3 slim sold so well on launch because it was accompanied with a price cut. I felt microsoft could have done more with this, although they have increased the value of the package somewhat

darthv722832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

People like saying things like too late MS, should have been like this in the first place etc. Without criticism there can be no change. They were criticized on the first xbox cause it was to big. So they shaped it and designed it based on japanese influence and what was cost effective at the time.

I think the original 360 design was really good. They have been adding to it since it's release which is surprising as generally companies take stuff away. The new design is really sleek and is smaller which could be attributed to the internalizing of the hdd.

If anything, the only thing removed from the original is the memory card slots. You can't say the same about the ps3. That system has had several things removed but in all honesty, they werent really deal breakers (unless you like the ps2 bc and media reader).

It is just funny to read comments still criticizing the 360 even after it has been revised to improve on itself and yet there were praises to the ps3 for being dumbed down. Double standards a plenty here.

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Swoon2832d ago

I'll probably end up buying this at the end of the year. If Sony announce a new console, i'll probably end up buying that also. I'm happy with my 360 and PS3 Slim at the moment, though.

GLoRyKnoT2832d ago

Sony will NOT have a NEW console! (mark it well)

PS360PCROCKS2832d ago

The more I look the more I like it, it looks so sleek now. This is what the original should have been. The gloss exterior is nice, cool buttons, all the connections on the back, vents on the sides. It looks so clean, good job Microsoft, you're just 5 years late.

WetN00dle692832d ago

The system is beautiful no matter how you slice it!
The only thing that has me worried is the warranty cut, from 3 years to 1. Guess MS has full confidence in their new baby. Just hope mine doesnt die 1 day after my warranty expires.

PS360PCROCKS2832d ago

Haha ya my 1st one died 2 weeks after the 1 year. Stupid dvd drive. >:|

CptFlashHeart2832d ago

God damn, why has noone put this side by side with the older model so we can see the size difference?!??!

Or if they have... Link please?

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