Nintendo: E3 2010 Live Report

Tuesday, June 15 at 5.00pm BST. Mark it in your diaries as this is likely to be the first time we see Nintendo's new 3DS. will bring you all the info on the 3D enabled handheld direct from Nintendo's E3 conference along with news on any big games that are announced. It's money is on a Mario game for the 3DS and Zelda on the Wii being demoed by Shigeru Miyamoto.

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GLoRyKnoT2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )


Edit/translation: E3 2010 Nintendo will unveil "all you can eat" road apples.

Omar912953d ago

screw a report just watch it live!

Deathracer2953d ago

Nintendo....who is Nintendo?

GLoRyKnoT2953d ago

They sell road apple's yo!

Tobias4G2953d ago

So Nintendo owns Apple alltogether, nice
Nintendo: the grocery navigated through with a joy stick

TheLeprachaun2953d ago

Massive role reversal this year. Microsoft/Sony with the motion sensing crap and Nintendo with the hardcore games and exciting new hardware. Hell has frozen over....

GLoRyKnoT2953d ago

But it will if the Wii EVER gets a Hardcore game. (no chance)

Far2 busy sellin' road apples :)

Tobias4G2953d ago

People are in, its ~happening!