Red Dead Redemption review (Game Kudos)

Gavin Lowe of Game Kudos vents his opinion on Rockstar's latest title which has already received universal acclaim:

"Sitting back in your saddle you trot through the arid landscape past cacti and deadwood on your way to a far off town in the barren wilderness of the Old West. The sun is setting and the final beams of the day’s light are peering over the mountains on the horizon, shining blindingly in your eyes as the shadows ahead creep steadily toward you.

Suddenly a thunderous shot rings out!. A quick glance behind reveals a pair of riders galloping toward you at speed. There’s nowhere to hide, so you grab your rifle and let fly. The first bandit jerks back and falls from his horse, his leg trapped as he is dragged into the distance by his panicked horse. You fire two more shots and the second bandit's catapaults to the ground as his horse crumples underneath him. You close the distance, drawing your 6-shooter to finish the job."

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