Activision Kicks Off E3 with Live Performances from USHER,, DAVID GUETTA, DEADMAU5, Z-TRIP

A cast of some of the most influential and popular recording artists performed at Activision Publishing, Inc.'s special E3 preview event at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles on Monday night in celebration of the company's highly anticipated games.

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HighDefinition2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

It`s crazy. You realize some of these company high up have ZERO gamers in them making choices for things like this. Seriously how many of you have thrown on Usher for background music while playing a game? Some corporate dudes are sooooooo nerdy and out of touch it`s unbelieve their companies remain active. Look at the MS conference for instance out of touch, rich, nerdy suits came up w/ those ideas and now they look stupid, the 1st show looked like Klan Rally. Some of these companies should get over theirselves and employ a random gamer of the street for crying out loud to at least giving them some imput for things like this.

WildArmed2772d ago

lol it's funny when the people trying to cater the conference to gamers (the PR guys) aren't gamers and totally screw up how to impress the gamers.

It's quite simple reason.
Show your games...
It doesn't really take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

As long as you show us good quality games, we are pretty easy to please

Cevapi882772d ago

when i saw the title....DJ Hero popped into my head...maybe the artists will be included in the game...just a guess

cmrbe2772d ago

MS relying on celebraties that have no interest in games for publicity is hilarious. Its really stupid because you can see it in their face that they really didn't want to be there or have any interest at all in games.

Now this?. If people wanted a music concert they would go to one. If they wanted music they should get people that made music for games to play. At least then it wouldn't be so out of place.

Checkmate2772d ago

i put on some usher and eminem while gaming, but i completely get what you're saying.

cLiCK_sLiCK92772d ago

DEADMAU5? Wow. I cant wait to see him in EDC10 next week.

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Spiderman2772d ago

So thats where all the MW2 revenue is going.

Cregan45842772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

yup. nothing like paying for old mw1 maps at a retarded high price only to watch your money go to a concert you'll never see and, hopefully, never would want to see. Tune in next e3 when Activision attempts to charge 59.99 for dlc map packs by enticing you with the amazing sounds of Madonna. Nothing like camping and glitching while singing "Vogue"

And with that, I go and play Uncharted 2.

gunnerforlife2772d ago

loool they got more celebs there then games 2 show >_<

PotatoClock2772d ago

They think I'm gonna buy more of their games because they got Usher to do a live performance at E3?
They must really think gamers are as stupid as the people who run Activision.

Bodyboarder_VGamer2772d ago

I went to a DEADMAU5 show like 4-5 days ago in Puerto Rico and it was really cool...

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The story is too old to be commented.