Play Like A Pro With New Power A Controllers For PS3

POWER A, the retail consumer products brand of Bensussen Deutsch & Associates, Inc., (BDA), today announced the launch of its Pro Elite Wireless and Pro EX Controllers for PlayStation 3.

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NateNater2810d ago

Looks almost exactly like a 360 controller

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32810d ago

I like the NYKO one better . I'm pretty excited about that one.

cond3m3r2810d ago

thats exactly what i thought too when i saw it...360 controller

ExPresident2810d ago

I like the Dualshock already. No need to buy this but to each his own :)

Droid Control2810d ago

Looks good. Like a 360 controller. offset analogue sticks rule!

Bellcross2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Hmm the shape seems comfy but I hate buying third party accessories they alway feel cheap and breaks too easily.

Information Minister2810d ago

That's nor really a problem if the controller is actually cheap. I've been using a Logitech controller since I broke my original sixaxis playing COD4 2 years ago. I don't get rumble, but the controller was very cheap and it's slightly bigger than the DS3 making it more confortable for me. I only use the DS3 for games that don't require the L3 and R3 buttons (which pretty much excludes FPS games).

The left stick on my Logitech is starting to get messed up, so I could definitely buy one of these if they get released in Europe.

Megaton2810d ago

A 360 controller with symmetrical analogs and a functional D-pad would be perfect.

presto7172810d ago

Its called dualshock. Been around for more than a decade.

Megaton2810d ago

Don't like the L2/R2 on DS3. Prefer the Dreamcast triggers that the 360 uses now.

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The story is too old to be commented.