Kinect's First Titles, In Gallery Form

Kotaku: There were a number of titles shown off by Microsoft yesterday that are specifically designed to work with Kinect, the Xbox 360's motion-controlled camera. This is what those games look like.

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-Mezzo-2926d ago

Sure looks good to the people interested in it, NOT ME.

hamoor2926d ago

what is that microsoft???? i have wasted so much time defending your (kinetec) in hope that it will be good
i think am gonna MOVE from kinect till they show me some good games before i spend my hard earned 150$

SillySundae2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

... with a mullet

Smootherkuzz2926d ago

The showing of both Xbox360 new and Kinect was the greatest from Microsoft. The Kinect is still in its infant stage and the best will come down the road .Just because you do not see want you wanted to see do not count the item out I think we all will be amazed soon I know we want shooters, football and stuff but these things will take time to make and belive me they are already in the works now so be patient and learn how to use this thing because when the good stuff comes and the on line game battles start I am kicking butt and takin no names so get your practice.

KiRBY30002926d ago

please honor your shenmue avatar by not hyping Kinect. thanks.

Megahurtz19862926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Time is something that Microsoft doesn't have at this point. Its now or never for them with the Wii miles ahead and the PS3 starting to hit its stride. Its to late in the consoles life cycle to make impatient gamers wait on technology this old. I mean come on the PS2 was doing these kinda games back in 2003 with eye toy!! Microsoft stepped up on the biggest stage in gaming and choked hard!! They should have had at least one decent game for kinect to demo!

Speaking of games. WTF? Halo, Gears, Fable are getting old man where are the new exclusives? One Cryotek game is not going to cut it.