Xbox 360 Redesign UK Price, Launch Date & Package Contents Revealed

Microsoft has today revealed the official UK launch date for the newly redesigned Xbox 360 console, revealed last night at Microsoft’s Pre-E3 Press Conference. Featuring a removable internal 250GB hard-disk drive (HDD), a built-in Wi-Fi bridge and a sleek new look, the Xbox 360 redesign will be available throughout the UK next month.

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The Meerkat2924d ago

£199 Yummy.

Do I need one?

Do I want one?

Will I get one?
If the wife lets me!

table2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

whichee... what you think I'm gonna buy it just because you make that sound? whichee whichee... ok i'll take it!

btw, a great uk price for a change

hamoor2924d ago

i think am gonna sell my elite and buy this sexy beast :)

MGOelite2924d ago

hmm at £200 for this i may even buy one, really cant argue with that price. but does microsoft realise that if live was free i would have bought a £300 elite day one...

Irnbruguy2924d ago

My mate just bought a 360 and is pissed off about the fact that this just got announced.. yet he's still going to buy a new one? lol

MGRogue20172924d ago

Sellin' off my Elite 120gb to get this one. :)

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