HCW Reviews Microsoft's E3 2010 Keynote - Kinect = Wii Too?

You've seen the keynote by now, but what we want to know is how hardcore gamers respond to Microsoft's Kinect. Here is a lengthy review of their entire keynote, from the bloody game demos, to the awkward video chats, to the creepy child-licking. Is Kinect for us?

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Montrealien2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

That little girl was so cute. Kids and parents alike will love this imho.

And I will answer your question

No, it is not for you. and that is fine. it`s not like there is a lack of option for gamers who don`t like motion stuff. We live in a great time to be gamers, so many options its retarded.

himdeel2930d ago

...if people perceive it to be just like the Wii but adding no additional functionality beyond just the DVD player. Likewise the folks with a Wii if that is there sole system probably wont buy into LIVE. SONY will have the some of the same problems with MOVE.

Montrealien2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Well, I will be getting it, it was pretty easy to justify, my wife was quite impressed with this product. And MS is quite clear that for them, streaming is the way to go so DvD is not an issue. And if DvD is an issue, well, that`s why my sexy PS3 is sitting right beside my sexy 360. And I will be getting Move also, I actually enjoyed FPS games on the Wii, they just looked like crap though, I can`t wait for socom 4 and hopefully other shooters with Move.

GrieverSoul2929d ago


Thats a good point about casuals paying to play online. Nice one!
Also, I agree with you that since Kinect doesnt bring any thing diferent than what a WII can do in the eyes of a casual gamer. How will MS convince them to buy one when its the same old dvd tech extra?! LIVE is great but wont give the casuals a reason to buy it so its pointless.

StanLee2929d ago

Video Kinect party chat is enough for me to purchase it. My wife loved Ubisoft's workout game but that was the extent of our interest.

himdeel2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

...they could do with Kinect besides the casual gaming. I was really expecting them to have at least ONE games that used the controller and Kinect for more intuitive gaming inputs.

I TOTALLY like the way you can use it for LIVE and hope it's totally integrated into navigating menus. That's just too cool. I'd still like to see the tech used to control your cable TV/satellite and Sound system or other devices.

Finally I know that motion controlled gaming breeds the usual Wii Sports type games and SONY is going to have their slew of these games also. But I was really expecting to see something, ANYTHING that wasn't a Wii Sports kind of game using motion controls.

My wife saw the video and asked me, "So where are the controllers? How are they moving the characters?" I told her your whole body in the controller. She then asked, "So what else does it do?" I followed up with, "I don't know."

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Bigpappy2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

These so call hardcore are begining to rub me the wrong way. I like FPS and appreciate a good car sim at times. But I like a large veriety of game types. I also happen to not live alone and since I spend a lot of time gaming, it is good to have some games where everyone else can participate. If it gets to a point where they are taking over my 360, I will get them a new slim. But make no mistake, I will be using Kinect quite a bit. It will be my main interface on my 360, and I will have at least 1 of those fitness game along with the Kinectsports and the adventure package. I can see a bunch of arcade game coming for connect by launch or soon after. Once M$ puts Kinect is stores for people to play around with, it will be hard to fine one in any store. Yes, it is focus on casuals. Most hard core, who want a 360, have one. They also love their 360 controller, so tell me again why the So call Hard core would be mad that connect is not for them. Make no sense.

@ himdeel. Kinect can not be mistaken as Wii 2. The Move already has that covered. Wii users know you need a controller to play, they are used to the wand and a numchuck (sub-controller). The way Kinet is used is completely different: you just walk up and start moving what is on screen. When casuals go to the store and see how easy this is, then see the adds for those fitness games that promise to turn them into sex machines, another 360 has found a home. Watch and see what happens this holiday season

lowlight2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I think the argument isn't about "hardcore or not hardcore" it's about what games would I want to play. Nobody is mad, nobody is upset. We were all hoping for them to take a step forward, not just rehash Wii games.

Go watch Nintendo's conference, it's amazing how much it's the opposite of Microsoft's. Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Epic Mickey, Goldeneye.. All GAMES that we want to play. They might use wii controls, but the important part is that they are GAMES. They've done the sports thing, they've done the driving thing. Time to move on. If you're going to use motion controls, do something with it.


lowlight2930d ago

She was super cute, and a great actor. But the licking part was just awkard.

And you're right, Kinect isn't for us.

Montrealien2930d ago

lol, I know right? When she was saying she was getting tickled, that was just a little over the top. Funny nontheless though.