Beauty shots and photographs of the new 360 model and accessories

Gamer's Guide to LIVE at E3 2010: "Images of the new Microsoft Xbox 360 unit, unveiled for the first time yesterday afternoon at the Microsoft E3 conference, have hit the web alongside images of peripherals inkeeping with the design of the new system."

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LevDog2953d ago

Yawn.... Oh the 360 still exists??? I was for sure that MS would have just canceled it after their terrible E3 and SONYs Dominating E3..

Seems like a logical choice to just can the 360 dont ya think?

loslonelyman2953d ago

Bubble 4 you LevDog! Totally agree

002953d ago

they both should be ashamed of themselves.

on topic:

I like how it looks like a sleeker original XBOX.

Dance2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

it has been in second place last few years now so not sure how you were not aware of it existence

LevDog2953d ago

So you like how it looks like the launch PS3?

Interesting how 360 fans looooove this new redesign.. Even though it still inferior to PS3..

002953d ago

I really don't see how they look alike other than both being black.

Convas2953d ago

LevDog, please, STFU. It's obvious you disdain all things 360, so what're you doing here again? You forgot the 360 existed right? Uh huh. Go revel in all the PS3 that Sony has showed today. Surely, you'll find pleasure in that right?

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SignifiedSix2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

And why would they stop production? They're still making money off it and i don't think they would abandon its LARGE fan base... Seems logical.

But anyways, it looks real nice and i cant wait to trade my 120 gig elite for it :)

Edit: Actually, i like the launch PS3 a lot more than the slim. Who cares if its still "inferior" to the playstation. We still have great games to play. Go troll somewhere else instead of all the 360 articles, please...

Convas2953d ago

Your name and bubble count says it all. I don't think anyone need say anything else. I expect your post to be hidden under a trolling tab soon.

Good Day :)

SignifiedSix2953d ago

Sorry, I'm not a fangirl like the rest of you immature idiots. I actually ENJOY gaming on all 4 platforms, unlike the 90% of you morons on here.

DARKrage342953d ago

...what would be the fourth... oh wait derr PC lol.

I may be a moron, but it was clear Sony set the standard last year with a new Slimline model and now they only created the best looking motion control hardware out there. What we need now is software support, but the big time games like Killzone 3 and GT5 are confirmed to be compatable.

I would cherish the brand more if Kinect didn't look like a little playground see-saw...

rdgneoz32953d ago

And it comes with a tilt function found in previous versions,