Up close with PS3 Move

CrunchGear: Our own little Peter Ha had a great hands-on with the PS3 Move at Sony’s HQ in California. Interestingly, Monsieur Ha believes “After seeing what Kinect is capable of, I’m 100% positive that Sony PlayStation Move has won this round

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Hellsvacancy2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Look, Sony r shownin Move WORKING!!!

sikbeta2621d ago

Move is Delivering, Casual and Hardcore Gamers now Have a Device that Works Perfect for Both...

Cloudberry2621d ago

Probably slow connection on my part but...

Does anyone have YouTube link?

I want to see it.

lowlight2621d ago

This makes Natal look like a silly toy

T9X692621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

And a black Wii remote with a glowing ball isn't silly?

lol at the Sony fanboys who cant accept the truth.

Typical response? Look at the picture, if you can honestly say they are not 90% identical then our a damn moron. I prefer neither as they are both stupid.

notmushroom2621d ago

Both are silly when you think about it. But glowing balls = win.

miguelcoma2621d ago

Silly, but accurate, and more hardcore

El Nino2621d ago

This is a typical response, i'm pretty sure 99% of gamers...casual or hardcore would rather wave something about that you can hold physically than pretend to hold something and imagine it in your hands

i.e steering wheel, lightsaber etc

YourFlyness2621d ago

Even though the Move was in development before the Wii came out, at least Sony and Nintendo both had the sense to pass up on Natal

Pentex2621d ago

Just don't let the glowing balls touch, or you're gay :o

SillySundae2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Hey can you get to choose bulb color?

Green would be awesome.

The effects of it moving fast in a dark room would probably be a bit similar to a light saber.

T9X692621d ago

I love how Sony fanboys just accept and adapt to everything that has a PS logo on it. If this shit was for Xbox their would be hundreds of comments on how "gay" it is, but since its got the PS logo everything is ok.

Blackcanary2621d ago

I like montion controls and no matter what you do each montion would have the same kind of look and style god the wii remote looks like a slim remote for a TV. Get over ur self.

and if MS made a montion controller which i believe they will end up doing i will buy it.

karl2621d ago

Well, u can always hold a broom while playing NATAL and pretend is the playstation move...

Morituri2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

The wiimote and the move function on completely different technologies. The operative difference being that one is more precise and powered by vastly more advanced hardware. If Sony focuses on hardcore games like they have in the past, I see many opportunities for developers to make "our" types of games for move. Socom by all accounts is shaping up nicely for example.

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Bumpmapping2621d ago

Bu bu kinect is teh futerz!

get2sammyb2621d ago

I still think the Move tech is sensational. The writing is SO smooth.

Bellcross2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Can't wait to see the final details of PS Move later today, should be interesting.
so far it's getting lots of praises thats great to hear.

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