IGN: E3 2010: OnLive Launch Titles Announced, Free for a Year

After months of beta testing, OnLive, the online streaming game platform, will be available to the public this week on June 17. To commemorate the launch, OnLive is teaming up with AT&T to offer players a full free year of the service, waiving monthly subscription fees for anyone who signs up today , June 15, at

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Dorfdad2959d ago

Wow waited forever to see someone post about Onlive.. This is bar far the biggest historical launch and should be the #1 story around the web.. Before you get all defensive guys you need to respect what is happening. I am a Skeptic and was blown away buy the service. I got access last week to a soft launch and have been playing games every day on it 4-5 hour a day and had VERY little lag and trouble over these days while they were tweaking the system as I played.

This is the FUTURE like it or not. You need to experience this. I understand people want physical media but being able to play games on ANY computer in the house ins't just Smoke and Mirrors it really does work! I am SOLD on ONLIVE and have invested my money into buying games already on it..

I played Unreal Tournament 3 with 10 players online with a 360 controller and had just as much lag as the same copy on the physical PC.. Though the grpahics are slightly less (xbox one quality) its the freaking JETSONS man SCI-FI Crazy!!

UnwanteDreamz2959d ago

How much did they pay you to say that?

Conloles2959d ago

Free for a year, buy up games then have the company go under - good plan!

Dorfdad2959d ago

Once again you sound like everyone else.. Its free for one year! 90% of you will get in the founders.. Unless 3 million sign up which they wont..

Secondly you can RENT games! So I pay 8 dollar to play a game for 5 days beat it.. If they go under I lost nothing! This wont go under though it's the future stop hating and try it out..

Christopher2959d ago

From the OnLive site:

***Subject to availability, Founding Members will be selected from this Waiting List on a first-come, first-serve basis starting June 17th, 2010. Limited-time, limited-availability offer. See information below for additional terms of this program.***

Doesn't sound like it will be everyone who signs up today.

ExPresident2959d ago

Problem is that cost goes up to $14.95 without games. Thats a $179.40 a year without tax. What if I suspend my account? Can I still play the games I purchase?

Lot of unanswered questions here but with the first year free it may be worth trying, who knows.

jidery2959d ago

Goes up to $5 a month, not too bad.

ExPresident2959d ago

If you get in for the first year free your second year is offered at $4.95 a month. They've already said before the service will be $14.95 a month so that will probably happen after your second year, or if you don't get into the 1 year free program. $14.95 is a lot.

tudors2959d ago

hopefully we can all get on it.

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The story is too old to be commented.