PSP2: E3 Trailer and Screenshots

Ex: It's almost time for another looting and grinding adventure in the Gurhal System as the Autumn 2010 release window for Sega's Phantasy Star Portable 2 inches closer.

Currently Sega is busy showing off the title at their E3 booth, and they've released a new trailer to hold us over until we're able to sink dozens of hours into the new Action RPG.

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Christopher2811d ago

Yeah, cute title. I'm fairly certain he did that on purpose to get some hits.

NexGen2811d ago

Eh, not really made for hits. On the Sega message boards, this is how Phantasy Star Portable 2 has been referred to for almost a year now. It was called psp for the first and psp2 since before the playstation portable rumor 2 surfaced.

I still get caught off by the acronym though, even though I've been playing Phantasy Star online/universe for years now.

The Great Melon2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

lol, I read that title and knew there had to be catch. I had to think through my acronyms for a bit.

zoks3102811d ago

He might not have, some editors have restrictions on how long their titles can be, but go figure... he will get a lot of hits out of it.

CrAppleton2811d ago

Press sheet calls it PSP2.. so it's valid

WhittO2811d ago

lol i had to look twice then

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sikbeta2811d ago

Haha... you almost got me.... I didn't fall...

Paradise2811d ago

I guess we will be seeing PSP2 at E3. But not the PlayStation Portable 2, Phantasy Star Portable 2. Love it either way.

Lacky2811d ago

you should really write the whole title.. this psp2 title is just for getting clicks...

peeps2811d ago

was just thinking the same lmao

killyourfm2811d ago

With the first sentence referencing Sega AND a Phantasy Star screenshot as the thumbnail? Come on now..

peeps2811d ago

some people will just see psp2 and instantly click the source link. an E3 trailer and screenshots of psp2 is surely news ppl would wanna see asap so may miss the details

Shane Kim2811d ago

I just clicked the source button instantly. I thought the picture was some random new game for the PSP2.

He sure got me ;).

Delive2811d ago

I read briefly and saw it was Phantasy star. I did not hit the link after that. The title is a bit misleading though. Had the title mentioned Phantasy Star, it would not have received half the attention it got. Not that it is a bad game, people are just looking more toward a PSP2 from Sony than Sega during E3.

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SuperStrokey11232811d ago

LOL Gee, i wonder if he named it like that thinking it just might get him some more hits lol.

killyourfm2811d ago

Feel free to search around for any Sega press releases or on their website where they refer to it as PSP2.

SuperStrokey11232811d ago

Not you, you used the same text as article as you should. Unless of course you wrote the article and then you would indeed be just fishing for hits.

tdrules2811d ago

definately not a deceiving title

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The story is too old to be commented.