Bodycount: Welcome to the Network First in-Game Trailer

Here is in exclusivity the very first Bodycount trailer! Stuart Black promised us a very tense adventure where everything will be destructible. The video is entitled: Welcome to the Network and features in-game footage from the pre-alpha E3 demonstration. It gives a good idea of the progress of the studio.

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MGRogue20172928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I prefer Bulletstorm

This looked really lacklustre as soon as I started the video

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32928d ago

Those do look like the Crackdown orbs, lol. But yeah, I would probably pick up Bulletstorm before this game.

alphakennybody2928d ago

now i know why the game's director said, its shit at its current stage.

hamoor2928d ago

sooo...thats the game that supposed to revolutionize the fps genre????

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