EA's Gun Club Will Cost Used Gamers

Ex: "EA says that their new rewards program, Gun Club, shows appreciation to fans for their loyalty and adds value to the "entertainment experience." At first glance you might think this whole program is free, and it is value-added if you buy EA's games, but it will be a lot like BioWare's Cerberus Network. In short, if you want access to it from a used copy of EA's upcoming shooters it will cost you extra."

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Neco5122872d ago

More against used games.. wth?

Neco5122872d ago

not all games are worth the NEW price. this is bull sh!t

CrAppleton2872d ago

True. Not all games are worth the full price. Wait til the price drops and then get it ^_^

BubblesDAVERAGE2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

used or new....when someone buys it it is there property and if someone wants to buy it its not the publishers business.....what if when u bought used cares you had to pay 500 dollars to the dealership for it to go in reverse

mrv3212872d ago

SO wait for them to drop or rent them.

If you buy them used within the first month of game you are only saving like $5... is the reality of detroying gaming worth $5?

Look if you wait a year, then the multiplayer will be dead, no need to worry.

EA are doing what they must to SURVIVE and I am all for it. I'd rather buy a game new than get charged $30 worth of DLC for 6 new maps. If they didn't do this how long because they have to cut down even more studios leaving just the true money maker like NFL... and if they did that you'd complain.

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ElementX2872d ago

Buy on Amazon and rarely pay full price!

DaRockSays2872d ago

Just buy the damn games new and you won't have to worry about this crap

CrAppleton2872d ago

I usually don't buy used games anyway, but it is singling out a huge market of gamers when they do stuff like this.

MGRogue20172872d ago

Used buyers getting the shaft.. But do they deserve it? :(

T9X692872d ago

EA and "Will cost you" is nothing new. EA is a bunch of greedy bastards, along with MS and Activision.

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