Sony About To Unveil Beat Sketcher?

One of the games at Sony’s press conference may be Beat Sketcher.

Sony Computer Entertainment America filed a trademark for Beat Sketcher in the US Patent and Trademark Office and its good for video games. Probably, some kind of music game.

More curious is another trademark filed by SCEA for the term Journey, which can also be used for video games. Journey sounds more like a subtitle than a brand new game.

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Iamback2807d ago

God i hope it isnt like MS press with all that casual crap

gameforall2807d ago

but I have a feeling it will sneak into the presentation

sikbeta2807d ago

It's not gonna happen, After the whole mess from the 2 MS conferences, No-1 will fall Again in something like that...

The Great Melon2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

There's no doubt that they will show some of the casual stuff. These keynote speeches are meant to showcase what the system offers. However, recalling speeches from previous years Sony seems know what to give the people in terms of content. I'm looking forward to this speech because all the expected games have been already revealed. I am not sure what to expect, but there is no doubt now that I will be surprised.

MGRogue20172807d ago

I got a feeling that Sony is going to mess up big time with their conference.. I don't know, Just got a hunch. :/

I really hope not though.. I want to see some cool new games & lots of gameplay footage!

Hallucinate2807d ago

me to..but on the bright side i thought MS was going to do good and we all know how that turned that must mean sonys ganna do good

Gladiator72807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

tonight's gonna be a good night!
think Sony will do it right.

ryuzu2807d ago

Sony have already made a ton of announcements over the last few weeks.

At first I felt that Sony were doing that because their line up wasn't strong enough to compete at E3 with what they expected from MS.

Now we know MS have made a massive miscalculation and Natal is going to bomb, I wonder if Sony have been caught out a bit and don't have anything with which to capitalise on MS's failure.

Or maybe Sony got all the games announced already to leave time for a more casual oriented show :/

Who knows - Kojima is around for soemthing, there's a possible PSP2, and still dates and features for things like GT5.

So maybe there's enough even with what we already know...

Maybe there's still bigger news out there - Mass Effect for Playstation? New Syphon Filter? Jaffe game?

There could still be some big stuff out there, but if Sony have even more to give than we already know then I think they're in danger of flooding the market with too much stuff and none of it will be genuinely successful - there's only so much money to go round.


Brewski0072807d ago

... least its not called back scratcher.

They'll have a certain amount of show and tell stuff but hopefully they wont over saturate the presentation like microsoft did with kinect.

Greek God2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

who knows
maybe they showed us their Blockbusters already so they have more time for Move..
but im sure the AAA attack isnt over yet lol

bhaahah the guy who disagreed is jealous of such much games lol lol

Gladiator72807d ago

lots of rumors..
stop it.

its only hours and Sony Conference will begun.

BubZ-SkullY2807d ago

time will tell whether all this is true. Can't wait sony cannot fail, its like an open goal where they just need to tap the ball in without fancy tricks.

based on this new beat sketcher, i feel that it diffinitely incorporates move in some way, or a psp title. title provokes me to think its to do with music, some sort of dance simulator? music creator? well this is all speculation.

Time needs to be fast forwarded!!

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