Assassin's Creed producer says Desilets quitting "right decision"

Vincent Pontbriand is a producer for Assassin's Creed and he says that creator Patrice Desilets' decision to quit Ubisoft was "right" for him.

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Mista T2772d ago

why another AC after AC2 was released a few months ago......

NYC_Gamer2772d ago

because they wanna milk this franchise to death..

XXXCouture2772d ago

because it sold very well and ubisoft love titles that sell well

MGRogue20172772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

He knows best.. I guess lol

Farewell Mr Patrice Desilets

cobraagent2772d ago

he quited when he heard that they will be releasing an incomplete title in a year. I am a fan of Assassins Creed series but i don't think 1 year is enough for the game to be better than its predecessors


now we just have to wait and see how this game actually turns out with the little time they've been working on it.