7 things to ensure Sony dominates E3

NowGamer: Sony's E3 conference - at the time of writing - is happening later today. But what do the company need to pull out of the bag to make this year's presentation a success? We have seven suggestions, and they go as follows...

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T9X692682d ago

1 thing and they will win. Dont show off the Move 80% with crap games like MS did.

The Meerkat2682d ago

Did you watch the EA fitness game yesterday?

Did you notice that the PS3 version lagged more then the Kinect version?

I thought that was strange.

T9X692682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Even though I hate EA yea I did, and sadly their conference was the best so far. They looked about the same to me but I wasn't really paying attention because all these stupid "Fitness" games are just retarded. Scrap the cheesy Wii games from both MS and Sony, scrap the dumb motion shit and throw us some real games. I want to see more of Gears 3, MGS Rising, Killzone 3, LBP 2, things like that. Not little tony the tiger pet games and fitness crap.

EDIT: Labaronx are you asking if I don't like motion controllers? If so, then yea I think its stupid because their wasting E3 on cheesy motion games. The only motion controlled game I want to see is SOCOM 4 and that because I'm a huge SOCOM fan. If they showed Kinect and the Move with games like SOCOM or Gears that wouldn't be to bad because we could still see the actual game. This crap with Kinect Sports, Move Sports, freakin ping pong is just dumb. E3 should be about the hardcore gamers and new games or previews of bigger games. Instead they are turning it into a Chucky Cheese convention.

N4G king2682d ago

i watched it and there was no lag on any platform

labaronx2682d ago

it's cool, im only partial to them.... stuff like dead space 2 with move could make for an interesting showing... maybe even move specific weapons or minigames

sony really needs to just show us the games, we know of 4 already so some gameplay footage of lbp2, k3, infamous2, motorstorm apoc, and socom 4 would be nice
a gt5 release date
some agent footage
some hd collections
and a psp price drop, it's time to bring it down to $129 or less sony

sikbeta2682d ago

Just With Showing Real Games and Loads of Exclusives, Everything will be Great...

labaronx2682d ago

it's going to be a hard to sell motion to me as well but socom with move does at least look promising

SillySundae2682d ago

Kevin Butler playing with a LIGER.

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DoomeDx2682d ago

And killzone 3 :)
(anyone knows if guerilla is coming on stage to show KZ3?)

solidjun52682d ago

...[H]ave Kevin Butler walk in and fart on stage and that'll already ensure a win.

If not, just show some new IPs. ^_^

Typical-Guy2682d ago

I'm looking forward for a premium PSN. That's it. We have all the games.

claterz2682d ago

I think they will announce that PSN premium is going live tommorow lol, you know like MS announced that they were shipping the slim straight away.

PudseyBear2682d ago

Those 7 things ensure nothing......and especially not domination.

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The story is too old to be commented.