Kinect E3 Demo

Kinect was on demo at E3 2010, find out launch titles, and general information pertaining to one of the most hyped peripherals this generation.

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Moentjers2804d ago

"How many times have you been sitting in your video room watching a movie, and you needed to pause or fast forward the film and you can’t find the controller or see it in the dark."

I have no idea how much light is needed to work with the Kinect but I'm afraid when it's to dark to see the controller... the Kinect won't see where you're sitting.

JATOSIN2804d ago

It won't need to see you, you can use the voice commands, and I am sure you don't need light to hear.

Moentjers2804d ago

lol, you'll need your controller to turn down the volume...