Wired Hands On: Xbox Kinect Games Give You a Serious Workout

Prepare to work up a sweat with the Kinect launch games: Almost every single title Microsoft is showing for its new camera-based motion controller at the Electronic Entertainment Expo here is meant to work your whole body.

Fitness games like Your Shape are built around cardio, and you’d be foolish to think Kinect Sports wasn’t going to make you run in place and jump over hurdles. But full-body exercise lurks everywhere in the Kinect launch lineup. Harmonix’s dancing game, Dance Central, gets you jumping from side to side. In Kinect Joy Ride, you’re leaning into turns and contorting your body to make your go-kart do stunt flips.

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Prcko2924d ago

If i wanna workout i will go to gym!!!
this is totaly retarded stuff,i don't know what drogs microsoft using this year -,-

GWAVE2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

And it's funny how NOW segments of the media magically start caring about using motion controls in your video games.

I guess the free 360 S did its intended job...

whydoyouask2924d ago

You don't need it to play the Xbox so quit whining.