Gear of War 3 E3 Media Package shows off the Bloody Goods

Aside from the Beast Mode and four player co-op that was demonstrated at the Microsoft E3 Press conference a load of new Gears 3 media was dropped by the gang at Epic. These new artworks, screenshots, and trailers kick off E3 with a bang. More is promised to come from..

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poe2771d ago

Gears definitely looked the best. Considering that I think Gears is rubbish when stacking it next to my favorites on PS3, I don't think I will miss Gears when it comes out. I think Sony takes home E3 this year and the press conf is going to blow everything out of the water. They are on a roll. So my reply, the show aint over. And if you were saying best in MS show? Yes best in MS show but that isnt sayign much

Johnny52771d ago

Looked like Gears 2 with some better graphics. Give me innovation or give me death!

GWAVE2771d ago Show
WrAiTh Sp3cTr32771d ago

I don't see anything better than Gears 3 on any console except maybe Crysis 2.

StanLee2771d ago

You have a lot of balls saying that on but I agree wholeheartedly. The demo was balls to the wall impressive.

King_many_layers2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Have you not been on N4G very long ?? I'm only saying this because usually when anybody says anything like this related to "Gameplay footage" or "screenshots" from an Epic Game, somebody within minutes will post up a lovely picture showing the user exactly how and why you can see that it's all bullshots and such...

For examply any of those pictures that were released earlier today are bullshots. There is no way that they've got the levels of AA going on and the smoothness of the shadows and lighting within the game, it's just not happening. Not unless it's on a very good computer. I say this mainly because the areas where they have the grass in the screens release all have stupidly good AA, I mean individual strands aswell.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32771d ago

I've seen the demo kid...calm down. My next comment towards you may include a word worse than...pathetic.

Strikepackage Bravo2771d ago

He's just upset your saying something nice about a 360 game, and not a PS3 game.

King_many_layers2771d ago

no need for me to calm down, I never got work up in a frustrated manner. I just can't help but state what I said as it's so often been the case. It was with Gears 1 and it was with Gears 2. Why would Gears 3 be any different ??

I will admit though, providing that those are close to real time, then it is definitely going to be a visual treat.

StanLee2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

I don't get all the talk about "bullshots". I've played both Gears of War games and they're impressive looking games. They more than lived up to the expectations of the media released prior to the games' release. It's almost a given that screens for games are retouched. A game will not look as good in a screen as it does it motion. That's just the way it is with all games. So to single Gears of War out as the exception rather than the rule is a little naive.

King_many_layers2771d ago

I merely pointed this out at the moment, because it's so very clear in what has been shown. I guess this is somewhat futile.

at the end of the day, It's looking great, lets hope that these aren't what I say and it comes back against me :)

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math2772d ago

MGS was my personal favorite

hamoor2771d ago

yeah but i don't know why its so hated here
everybody is acting like they are surprised"WHERE IZ TEH STEALTHZ?"
well its RAIDEN and not snake
sure its not like the traditional mgs but it looks very good

Rusco872771d ago

...wassnt aware that you have used the dolorian to go into the future and find out this information.

game looks ok, but its appeal is just towards fans of the game wanting to carry on the story, probably the only reason ill play it to see where the stories going.

other than that Cliffy B is a tard, loves the sound of his own voice, get your teeth sorted! then speak

MGRogue20172771d ago

... It looks just like Gears of War 1 & 2.. =/

wazzim2771d ago

"OMG MW2 looks just like COD4!!!!"


MW1 was a little contrasty and had no life in the environments because there was little color scheme.
MW2 looked more alive because it had more color in the environments and the gameplay was faster paced.

candystop2771d ago

UC2 looks like UC1 with better visuals as well. WHats your point?


presentation is the word i was looking for

hoops2771d ago

And the same will be of KZ2 and KZ3 as its using the same game engine...your point?

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