Activision you officially have competition – Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor multiplayer was unveiled for the first time at E3 2010 yesterday. As much as it was a coming out party for the new old franchise, it was a warning shot over the bow at Infinity Ward and Treyarch. The demonstration at Electronic Art's E3 Press conference was impressive, displaying what appeared to be a fluid and very competitive offering when stacking it side by side with either of Activision's latest games: Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops...

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Batzi2807d ago

yea right... that's what they said about BFBC2. dude MW2 is untouchable for years to come. When they reach what COD4 achieved come and tell me there is a competition. BS.

FanboyAttack2807d ago

I played BFBC2 this weekend it was laggy crap.

math2807d ago

COD and BFBC are both laggy as crap at least on XbL they are.

Conloles2807d ago

This is gonna be awesome on PC, DEDICATED SERVERS FTW!!! Ea you may gladly have my money Activision rot in hell

deadpoole2807d ago

Im gonna buy Medal of Honor this winter ... cuz COD game are now Same shit different year.

Plus Ea/Dice gives lots of content for free and take care of there players. Activision is just after $$$ and its gettin crappy as hell. Maybe if they'll release native 720p 60fps game in future ... then only Ill consider otherwise Activision can kiss my a$$.

InfectedDK2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

I will get MoH this time instead of CoD..
Btw CoD Modern Warfare 1 is still fun..

RedSky2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Look at the multiplayer gameplay clip on GameTrailers.

It seems to play exactly like CoD4, complete with noobtubes and the same overpowered weapons so you really don't have to aim so much as spray in the general direction of someone to score a kill. Screw firing off a couple of shots at a time, just hold down the trigger.

Guess everyone's realised that going after the casual gamer who expects to get easy kills with no practice is the path to financial success.


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BeaArthur2807d ago

It already surpassed it in quality. It will probably never surpass it in sales but it has already passed it in quality.

Gawdl3y2807d ago

+Bubbles for well said.
Of course, virtually anything passes MW2 in quality.
COD4 was great, but MW2 sucked hard.

ElementX2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Both MW2 and BFBC2 have pitiful graphics. After the other blockbusters, it was like playing a last gen game. Graphics aren't everything but in the case of these online war games I think it ruins the immersion.

Killzone 2, Hell I think Fallout 3 had better graphics, Bioshock.
BFBC2 textures look awful up close. You crouch behind something and it's grainy and pixelated.

NY_State2807d ago

Name one other FPS that had better graphics than BFBC2. I'll wait for your reply.

DA_SHREDDER2807d ago

Finally have some competition? Modern Warfare is like playing in little league. Ive already forgotten about the COD series. Been playing games like MAG, Bad Company 2, and soon KZ3(if they fix the lag in the controls) Socom 4, Crysis 2, and Ghost Recon. Its like watching Kimbo Slice try to fight Broch Lesnar.

IaMs122807d ago

pshhh that multiplayer had a hint of CoD, hint of BC2 at the same time and thats what im looking for. It also looks to have some epic battles happening too.

I really hope they keep the MoH feel to it, although its modern warfare its always had a certain feel about to it that i just come to love.

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eemoemo522807d ago

FPS will die a slow painful death from overkill

math2807d ago

Yeah right, FPS will be around forever.

poe2807d ago

I agree there is some overkill but it will not kill FPS. The weaker developers will wither and die and the strong will survive to put out games like Killzone, Halo, COD, and BF. We'll see if MOH lives up to the hype.

HarryM2807d ago

FPS will only get bigger..

LastDance2807d ago

just looked like COD to me.

FragGen2807d ago

It's like the 1v1 Fighting games were in the 90's: It'll get crazier and crazier until it gets over-saturated at which point it'll peak, decline, rebound and finally plateau to a nice healthy level with a core player base and some long standing franchises that continue to evolve.

Shooters are ALWAYS going to be a key genre in video games even when technology changes the medium. It's too fundamental a game type to go away completely but nothiing is the flavor du jour forever.

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poe2807d ago

Ghost Recon trumps all military games in 2011.

DoomeDx2807d ago

not buying it.

knowing EA, their servers will lag, and they WONT fix it.

EA = lost my money, and a lot of others to

Gawdl3y2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Get the PC version, much better.
Community-run dedicated servers almost never lag.
Same way with CoD4 on PC and BFBC2 on PC.
PC is in general a better system for gaming, and is cheaper in the long run, but costs more up front.

DoomeDx2807d ago

My pc can handle it,
but i cannot accept what EA is doing for console gamers

laggy servers, and VIP codes are bullshit.

EA sucks, period.
i wont buy an EA product because they suck ass

IaMs122807d ago

laggy servers yes i agree but i really do like the VIP codes. It entices people to buy new, in the long run saving money on Map packs, and it also doesnt hurt any player who buy it used as they would have to buy the map packs though. You have to do that with CoD and other games regardless used or new. The only thing tho that some of them are on the disk already for BC2.

MGRogue20172807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Medal of Honor will shit all over Modern Warfare 2! :)

Bad Company 2 has already done the same already.. Still currently doing so, actually. :D

HarryM2807d ago

That's why even Gears of War 2 is beating Bad Company 2 in terms of Unique Users on Xbox Live?

IaMs122807d ago

It doesnt have to be just XBL you know... there are 2 other systems that play the game

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