Game Informer: Video Unboxing Of The Xbox 360 S

Game Informer was lucky enough to get our hands on the freshly announced Xbox 360 S. We were escorted into an area packed with tables decked out with Microsoft’s trademark green and white. On each was a cubular black gift-wrapped box with green ribbon. The contents of which we’ve captured on video.

Follow Game Informer’s Bryan Vore on a journey into the packaging of the Xbox 360 S, complete with a close look at the new inputs, button types, hard drive, and sexy black gloss.

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INC NATE21312812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

This is really cool. i cant wait to get mine. and all you dumb ps3 fanboys really need to stfu..oh another way to get rrod. NO!!!! first of all how could a newer technological advancement get worse? and second microsoft learned from their mistake, even the older models in 2008 dont get rrod so stfu sony fanboys. and what are you guys going to say now? all you use to say was oh it doesnt have built in wifi, well now it does and its the best you can get! and 250gb hdd. this is great, this is whats going to put Microsoft ahead of sony.