Sneakpeek at Ubisoft's new game Child of Eden

Quote Ubisofts Press Release ''Today Ubisoft announced Child of Eden, developed by Q? Entertainment Inc. under the direction of the renowned game creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi. Child of Eden is a multi-sensory shooter that will send players diving into a kaleidoscopic matrix of synchronized music and mind-blowing visuals that will usher forth a landmark game experience.''

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8thnightvolley2954d ago

wit kinect that is really some minority report stuff.. nice..

sloth33952954d ago

you could tell his arm was getting tired in the demo of it since he kept switching off

HINDERIZATION2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

reminds me of REZ.
let's see how this one turns out.
so far, i'm interested.

Edit: is this only for Kinect?
it's off my list if that's the case

DoubleEdit: nevermind.
i just read a portion of the article i missed.
multiplat FTW

ryuzu2954d ago

Not much known about it yet but I think there is a PS Move version too from something I read yesterday....