Xbox 360 to play the waiting game with 3D

Without question, one of the biggest themes of this year's E3 expo will be 3D gaming, but Microsoft isn't quite ready to embrace the new standard.

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StanLee2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Makes sense to wait until there is actually an install base of 3D televisions. I think the investment now in 3D is a bit premature. How many will actually enjoy the feature now? Very few.

DelbertGrady2777d ago

15-20 people. All extremely hardcore.

ImmortalLegend2777d ago

I honestly think 3D will be more of a next generation thing. Although Sony may be adding it with the PS3 now, I honestly don't see 3D taking off until the next generation of consoles arrive.

ninpo142772d ago

i agree but i think its more of a consumer thing. like the tech, it just seems like people are not ready. Wait did i just re-phrase you?

Montrealien2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

I will enjoy 3D in the theater now.

And at home, when it does not need glasses, which should be in the next few years.

fr0sty2777d ago

MS is being quiet about 3d because 360 CAN'T do it. not real stereoscopic HD 3D anyway. the best you'll get is what was featured in Avatar... 15fps garbage that looks like a ps2 game. hdmi 1.2 does not have the bandwidth to support any more than that, and 360's 13mb frame buffer cannot fit a 720p 3d frame into it, unlike ps3's (up to) 256mb frame buffer (PS3 uses it's VRAM as the frame buffer, 360 uses it's 13mb of EDRAM).

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chasegarcia2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

This reminds me of the car industry. Toyota started selling hybrids years ahead and now american car companies can't keep up.

UltimateIdiot9112777d ago

Chevrolet had their chance with the Volt but they didn't take that risk. Had they done so, things could be different.

Anyway, it's good to play it safe but if 3D does kick off and hit mainstream, Sony will be reaping the reward first just like blurays.

sashimi2777d ago

I can't say i didn't see this coming seeing how they released the xbox360 without HDMI ports....Always late to the game

hoops2777d ago

This is th eonly time I agree with MS on thos. 3D for console gaming is not there as of yet because of price and hardware.
Next generation 3D gaming will be huge. Not now. Price is the main reason for this

Thudd2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

I'm not spending $3000 on something I have wear glasses to use. Besides I already have a 50" and 42" Samsung LED TV's, I am not tossing them for the next flavor of the week.

hoops2777d ago

And that is exactly why 3D gaming wont take off for years.

Megahurtz19862777d ago

Sony always jumps and commits to new Technology first. DVD with PS2, Blue Ray with PS3 and now 3D. I think Microsoft is going to sit back and wait for the tech to develop a little more before they dive in. Better hurry up though cuz waiting 4 years to add HDMI and 5 years to add built in WIFI to 360 didn't look so good since it was standard on the competitions console at launch!