E3 2010: OnLive ready for launch this week

After a busy beta, cloud gaming service goes live with key publisher support

When E3 closes its doors on Thursday June 17th, a new era will begin for online gaming.

If you believe OnLive, that is.

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BeaArthur2866d ago

I think OnLive is going to be a pretty big bust but we'll see.

Montrealien2866d ago

I was quite suprised by the beta. It is clearly not for me, but the tech is there and is pretty slick. I think there is definetly a market for this. You just wont find them on N4G.

Pennywise2866d ago

Youtube still has some problems streaming. These guys want to stream games? Hows that going to work for MP games? Just no multi-player games?

Montrealien2866d ago

During the beta I tried Crysis Warhead MP on my wifes crappy`3 year old Viao laptop. It was pretty impressive. If this is where they are at now, I can only imagine in 5 years.

Christopher2866d ago

Anyone seen any info on game pricing with the service? Their site is very hush-hush about paying for games it seems.

Proxy2866d ago

Also, when you get tight on money and have to stop spending on games for a few months:

If you have a console, you can still play your old games.

If you use OnLive, your entire gaming library is gone.

OnLive is a digital rental service. You don't own anything.

RedSky2866d ago

It may have a considerable casual audience. For people not interested in games and who just want to try some big budget titles, renting without even having to own the console could seem like a good option.

I don't have a console but if I lived in the US I could see myself renting the service out to finish single-player games like Heavy Rain.

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peeps2866d ago

hmmm i know it will have trouble in the uk atm. I'm only on Virgins 10mb at home with 'unlimited downloads' however if you download over 1.5gb at peak times your internet speed gets capped to 2.5mb. This would be a big problem when streaming HD games i imagine...

MGRogue20172866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

I can't see it doing well to be honest with 'ya

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