Sony E3 Keynote: Final Fantasy VII Remake – Last Minute Prediction!

ProductReviews: We’re sure many of you are well aware that there is only a few hours to go until Sony kick off their E3 keynote conference in Los Angeles. After Microsoft’s pretty impressive event, the ball now switches to Sony. What are they planning to announce?

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Chris3992807d ago

I think that Mass Effect in some permutation is more likely. I think we can all agree that Elder Scrolls V (for all platforms, so let's have a little harmony :P) would be the announcement of a lifetime.

tr00p3r2807d ago

Oh yeah...Elder Scrolls V would be sweet. I got really addicted to Oblivion..awesome game.

HighDefinition2807d ago

Elder Scrolls V w/ Move support would be ridiculous. That one would move some units.

Reibooi2807d ago

Saying it's gonna happen hours before the show isn't going to make it true. SE has denied the games existence for quite awhile and they have no reason to lie about it. If it was in development they would want to hype it as much as possible.

There is a decent chance we will see VS XIII and XIV is a given but FFVII remake is pretty much not gonna happen. I would love it to but I really don't expect it to happen any time soon.

HighDefinition2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

FF7 Remake would definitely cause a riff in the whole space time continuum thingy. Believe me that get`s messy.

El Nino2807d ago

you've been watching too much kb!

lordgodalming2807d ago

Yoichi "I Hate Final Fantasy" Wada would never allow this to happen. The universe will simply become tackier with Square's imminent announcement of three lame "western" shooters.

Umbrella Corp2807d ago

Every E3 someone predicts this.Its not happening not this year guys.Besides I dont want the new Square ruining the beauty of a classic Square
Soft game.

Lucreto2807d ago

If FF VII remake was announced N4G will crash and cause a frenzy.

Chris3992807d ago

Wada would announce that the game was going multi.






For real, I hope they never do a remake. Most of the magic at Square E has fizzled. Best stuff I've played from their label in the past few years wasn't even made by them (Tri-Ace, Cavia, Media Vision).

Shadow Flare2807d ago

Square Enix to me is almost a completely different company to SquareSoft. SquareSoft were legends. I don't want Square Enix to touch FF7

Lucreto2807d ago

I doubt it will go multiplatform as of all the FF VII characters in Kingdom Hearts they have all been on Playstation version only. Chain of Memories has them as summons but this game came out before the PSP was released so there was no competition.

Greek God2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

i think the world would stop to exist as we know it..
but i would buy it anyway^^
if squaresoft would make it -.-

theunleashed642807d ago

as much as i would want one no thank you square enix is not even half of what square soft was. square enix would just f*%*! it up.

jaredhart2807d ago

I don't see this happening.

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The story is too old to be commented.