PS3 Exclusive Days of Thunder: NASCAR Fact Sheet

Full fact sheet for the PlayStation 3 exclusive Days of Thunder: NASCAR.

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PirateThom2957d ago

With NASCAR being a part of GT5, can I point out that this may be the most pointless exclusive ever.

MexicanAppleThief2957d ago

It's a PSN game isn't it? It might be good for NASCAR fans, I doubt they know NASCAR is exclusive in GT5 yet. This might be a good way of showing them.

But I'd personally would want Sony to sponser all NASCAR events with massive Gran Turismo banners all over, weeks before GT5's release.

gaffyh2957d ago

Yeah it's PSN, might be exclusive cos maybe Sony owns Nascar license for a few years? I dunno, I'm just guessing.

BeaArthur2957d ago

Agreed, I thought the same thing yesterday. NASCAR will only be a small part of GT5 and they will probably do it better. Unless this game is great I'll be passing.

dktxx22957d ago

I had Nfl blitz, madden, and 2k as a kid. Just because they were based on the same license didn't mean i couldn't enjoy them all. as a football fan i enjoyed the different perspectives they brought on football games. im sure racing fans are the same way. GT might be superior in very way, but you still enjoy another games approach.

DigitalAnalog2957d ago

I mean, who else would make NASCAR more playable to a wider audience?

-End statement

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alphakennybody2957d ago

Sounds like a psn title. Like the aboves mention, GT5 already has nascar.

DeltaZ3R052957d ago

More nascar Love for Ps3 and also m$ can't use it to distract ppl from GT5, since it's included in GT5.

ForROME2957d ago

Hmmm of all the games that could be exclusive this is not one to make a diff. I think the only time I have even touched this game is in a demo and Ive never been impressed.