New Screens: Top Gun

Ex:"Based on the adrenaline-packed film, the Top Gun video game lets players take to the skies in a free-flying air combat shooter where they take the role of Maverick to blast enemies out of the sky, obliterate ground and air-based targets and show off their extreme flying prowess."

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CrAppleton2810d ago

new screens look awesome! Too bad this is only going to the PS3 and PC

Neco5122810d ago

Seriously, would have liked to see this on 360. Oh well, other games to look forward to

HarryM2810d ago

I remember watching Angry Video Game Nerd where he reviewed Top Gun on an extremely old console. Let's see what this one will be like..

lordgodalming2810d ago

Maybe this time they will make it possible to actually land on an aircraft carrier. :)

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