Zune music coming to Xbox Live

While many people were griping (myself included) about Kinect’s software line-up many failed to realize and appreciate that Zune music is now coming to Xbox Live. Not only will 360 owners be able to purchase movies and tv shows through zune, you can now access and purchase music to your 360 as well.

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T9X692872d ago

Or I could just use and listen for free. I guess they gotta earn the money back for giving away so many free Xbox 360 S and knowing the stupid casual gamer they will buy their overpriced songs.

WhittO2872d ago

lol, 'Zune' is still going ?

Ace_Man_62872d ago

Zune's dead on it's legs. It's only sold in America and it's probably not even got 1% of the music player genre!