E310: New Xbox 360 Destroys Disks When Moved

"Destructoid's" Video of a New Xbox 360 damaging a DVD game.
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DelbertGrady2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

I love shaking my console while it's booting up the games. I mean what if I want to be able to take it with me to the kitchen while waiting for the game to load? I know I'm not alone with this.

ingiomar2626d ago

Nooooo i play all while walking around in the kitchen all the time i want my 360 with me!

WhittO2626d ago

OR, maybe when you take it downstairs from your room to watch something with your family ?

Its ridiculous that it STILL does this, really MS, why didn't you fix this?

Guess that shows its mostly still the same inside since they only overcame RROD by adding more vents/smaller processor (less heat produced)

GrieverSoul2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

I know you guys will eat me alive on this one but sometimes I move my console to replace some cables on the back of my tv. Sometimes I do it while its on but not on purpose. Sometimes I do it while a game is paused. Thank god my PS3 doesnt scracth or destroyes my discs.

SillySundae2626d ago

I have my x360 in a pretty sturdy cabinet.
I hope me jumping around won't cause too much shake to do this.

Conloles2626d ago

Why couldnt it have been Call of Duty or a game worthy of being scratched.

Imtey2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

That was quick...

Christopher2626d ago

Screw moving it while a disc is loading, reviews have said it still sounds just as loud as the original. Why couldn't they at least fix that? Couldn't we have gone without touch-sensitive buttons and gotten a few more bucks thrown at reducing the sound?

presto7172626d ago

That sounded like a freaking bomb was going off.

lOL. MS will always be MS with all their little quirks like scratching disks and flashing lights.

table2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

This is frightening for the 360 with Kinect actually, I never thought about this until now. I remember a UK Watchdog program investigating Microsoft for the 360 scratching discs and it found that the cause was from vibrations, possibly people jumping, or even walking near your xbox if you have a slightly damaged floor.

These Kinect games are all about movement, lots of jumping, stamping and running. I would bet that there are going to be loads of reports of scratched discs as a result of Kinect even with this new redesign. This is a serious disaster in the making for Microsoft here. Infact, I challenge one of you bloggers out there to make an article on this because it'd be a very valid important read.

jjacinto232626d ago

why they didn't solve this problem?........ you saw the guy move it because he wants to see it standing and guess what nobody told them not to move it till the guy guy moved it? how come?so u can't blame owners of SCRATCH some people didn't get the point of this at all

RedSky2626d ago

The fact there's so many disagrees here shows how much of a fanboy site this is.

This looks terrible, no two ways about it. If you're a 360 fan you should be annoyed at Microsoft for not fixing it, not disagreeing with people who aren't sheep.

Sure you wouldn't exactly plan to walk around with a 360 but imagine you decide to move it and forget the disc is in there. Bam, scratched disc.

-Alpha2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

This was a stupid thing to do and it was done purposely. Why would someone do that? If you nudged the 360 slightly and it ate your disc I would understand and blame MS but how can you blame MS when you purposely TILT the damn console?

I mean, it's on a disc tray, what do you think will happen?

Anyways, the disc tray should have been ditched, but why anyone would do this is beyond me. I suspect a desperate attempts at hits and trying to cause controversy all over again.


But this wasn't a real test was it? He purposely tilted the 360 to an unreasonable level where one would expect something wrong to happen. If he tested the breaking point of when the disc scratched I would have been more concerned but this was done, I swear, for flamebait purposes.

RedSky2626d ago

And yet virtually no external CD/DVD/Blu-Ray disc player in recent memory has not had this problem.

Go figure huh?

RedSky2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

No way that's unreasonable. Unreasonable would be shaking it or dropping it on the ground. The guy just tilted it. Again, other disc readers just don't have this problem.

On the whole I don't think it will blow up into a huge issue anyway, but it is a blatant design oversight. I'm sure people will disregard the warning and then find their discs shredded.

It's like how with most digital audio players (ie iPods), if you just yank out the USB without safely removing it from the taskbar it's generally fine even if you're not supposed to. Whereas with a few players from certain manufacturers there's a chance you'll fry the device. That's kind of like the 360 now.

Hideo_Kojima2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

If you take it downstairs you will most likely switch it off because I doubt you have a long enough power cable or a small enough house to move it around rooms without unplugging it.

In which case the disks won't be damaged because its not spinning while your moving it.

Not a big issue but who knows the other problems may still be there (overheating)

@RedSky you think this is a 360 fanboy site? I am a PS3 fan and very loyal to everything that comes from Sony but some of the guys here make me feel sick (talking about the droids). This is not an issue. Acting as if you care about a thing like this on a flame bate article is what is pathetic.

DaTruth2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

I said it here before and I'll say it again. This tech has been mastered for so long, you would have to go out of your way to find a DVD drive that scratches disks!

MS loves when your disk gets scratched and you're forced to buy a new one and then they get to say: "We sell more games than Sony!"

Sony doesn't sell us the same game three or four times!

Some of us have small children who try to get our attention by messing with our console while we're playing. I don't want to lose a game everyday... because my console being moved literally happens to me everyday!

RedSky2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

Never said that, I said this site is full of fanboys, 360 and PS3 alike. It's pretty obvious, just about every news item that's along the lines of 'my console is better than yours' gets over 1000° and is a menagerie of sandy vaginas.

I only have a PC, honestly I'm completely indifferent. I'm just calling a spade a spade.

Hideo_Kojima2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

Sorry I misunderstood your point of view.

Oh wait if you live in LA and there is an Earth Quake every single person in the area who is playing a game will have to buy it again :P

Noctis Aftermath2626d ago

And the problem with the disc tray shows it's ugly head once again, they should of went with a disc drive like the PS3 slim.

exnihilonihilfit2626d ago

He clearly did not intend to break the game, he just wanted to see the system upright. You can hear in the audio he had no idea that was going to happen, he was shocked when someone told him not to do that.

I've moved a regular Xbox before while the disk was in and that didn't happen.

I've had this happen to me once before, and that was with a PS2, but only when it was literally dropped at high velocity because my nephew got his foot wrapped in the cord. This guy barely tilted the damn thing.

This is clearly no mere oversight, the thing has a warning printed on it, they knew this was going to happen and didn't do anything about it.

ThanatosDMC2626d ago

What scratches the disks though? It couldnt be the laser... something must be bulging out.

Ult iMate2626d ago

For the comparsion' sake.
PS3 doesn't give any scratch to the disk even when dropped at a side.
Xbox Vs Ps3 Disk Scratch Test

rkimoto2626d ago

Oh come on dudes, Why would you want to move an electronic equipment while turned on AND running a disc?

I'm all up for testing stuff, but common sense dictates that this was unnecesary, I would be better informed if they did real tests (like power consumption, heat distribution, noise levels, etc)

Spydiggity2625d ago

could the ps3 fanboys please go away now? can't you troll some wii articles or something for a change?

i have owned the same 360 since day one launch. never had to repair it, never had a problem. and never ONCE has it scratched a disc. people are just stupid and don't know how to take care of their toys.

when you're driving a car, you don't hop into the backseat while it's moving and try to drive. then when the car crashes, you blame the manufacturer.

you don't stick your hand in a moving table saw or on a heated frying pan then cry about faulty tech.

just stop being morons, and your discs and system will be fine.

yes ms should have built the system a bit more sturdy, but that's no excuse for stupidity. people just hate accepting responsibility for ANYTHING. it can't be your own moronic actions that lead to the problem...had to be someone else.

sikbeta2625d ago

God Damn, this problem again, why MS didn't Fixed it, people is not really that careful, so this problem must be fixed...

ReservoirDog3162625d ago

Well, it probably wouldn't survive an earthquake here in california.

pustulio2625d ago

This is gettin a shitstorm by PS3 fanboys.

You guys are all stupid only retarded people move their consoles while they are reading a disc, even if it's a PS3.

Common' disagree we all know you will, retards.

Ult iMate2625d ago

@ rkimoto
>>Oh come on dudes, Why would you want to move an electronic equipment while turned on AND running a disc?

You know, shit happens. And when it does, you'd be thankful you have a reliable hardware.

Kevin ButIer2625d ago

Even 90s discmans could handle a disc properly... its not That important as many of you stated but is pretty absurd for a 299 redesigned console...

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Convas2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

Sigh, I feel your pain Soda. God knows I love making hot, passionate love to my Xbox during the loading times. /s

Gosh. Are people STILL this stupid? You DO NOT move your Xbox while it is reading. YOU DO NOT! How long has the Xbox 360 been out, and people are STILL struggling with this. Pathetic.

Also, if you want to move your 360 S while you play, INSTALL the GAME.

Ha Ha, you know what, let me just sit back and watch this get blown WAY out of proportion. I expect nothing less from the denizens of N4G.

Al Bundy2626d ago

I can move my PS3 while a disc is playing and nothing happens. Blame MS for their shoddy disc tray that don't hold the disc in place.

ArcFatalix2626d ago

shows cheap manufacturing defect

CoxMulder2626d ago

I've moved my PS3 while it's reading a disc multiple times, mostly when I need to re-charge the controllers while playing. (short usb cables be damned!)

Thank god something like this doesn't happen on PS3..