Killzone 3 Trailer - IGN E3 Rewind Theatre

Greg Miller & Ryan Clement of IGN analyses the Killzone 3 trailer at E3. Will there be a new Killzone 3 Trailer at E3?

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sikbeta2866d ago

KZ3 Will be Totally Awesome, Day One...

Conloles2866d ago

And i just cant hide it

Davoh2866d ago

Agreed looks awesome, I really, really want it

HighDefinition2866d ago

I love that you can kick people in the stomach now, that`s sick.

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Greek God2866d ago

Killzone best Shooter on ps3

crazyclown2866d ago

wtf is halo or gears...killzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzon e

RedPawn2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

It would of been really funny, if Sev found Nathan Drake at the top of that mountain in the opening.

asgharagha2866d ago

i want to see more in e3 plz show ussss

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