Rumor: Kojima's Mystery E3 Title for Handheld

Yesterday, Konami and Kojima updated their E3 site with the big titles they plan to present at E3 this year. Of the three, one is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and the second title is Metal Gear Solid: Rising, but one title still remains a mystery and eludes us, but a new hint as surfaced that suggests it's going to be a handheld game.

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HighDefinition2833d ago

It`s probably a Iphone game.

WhittO2833d ago

lol i know, do they realise no1 cares about another handheld game!?

People want a FULL Amazing MGS5 Sequel/Prequel.

Mista T2833d ago

probably a PSP2 launch title :)

MightyMark4272833d ago

what could it be.. MGS game?

MattyF2833d ago

A new Ac!d game would be nice to see. I wonder if people would get mad if ZOE went portable as the next installment.

XXXCouture2833d ago

a new acid? you must be high or something, those games were horrible

zanzibarlegend2833d ago

MGA series is so underrated. id welcome Ac!d 3. would make a neat PSP2 launch game.

and no pls no, i want ZOE3 on PS3 !^_^} but im sure a psp version would still be win. perhaps they do a full blown ZOE for PS3 and then have a spinoff for PSP.

Greek God2833d ago

i would be first one..
just imagine jehuty with ps3 grafics *head explodes*

Paradise2833d ago

I hope it's a Metal Gear game where you get to play as The Boss

zanzibarlegend2833d ago

not to mention CQC heaven. plus it would bring back that tactical espionage feeling we love about MGS. She was so beloved in MGS3, it would give players to see the MGS lore through her eyes and flesh out her story. MGS5 (prequel) starring Boss? where do i sign up? !^_^}

Heartnet2833d ago

he is actually going on stage even though he needs a ticket to get in to the conference?