Vanquish Hands-on: " What shooters do next..."

Xbox World 360 writes: " Vanquish is looking very much like what shooters do next. It's a third-person cover-based shooter unlike any before it - faster, more aggressive, and more exciting than anything in either of the Gears of War games or the series' many imitators. It's a third-person shooter which, like Bayonetta, has absolute faith in the player and absolutely believes you're capable of handling a third-person shootout busier and more chaotic than anything before it. Vanquish is set to change everything, and to set the standard everyone else has to follow."

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Rikitatsu2836d ago

Is going to show Cliffy how its done... Just like how he paved the way to TPS's with Resident Evil 4.

Hands-on previews are extremely positive so far!

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

They have to mention Gears I see, lol. Gears is in a league of its own so if you bring it up make sure it isn't to downplay Gears to boost the self esteem of your favorite game. Geez...Anyway, Vanquish looks impressive nonetheless, but I don't really see Western devs trying to duplicate the speedy gameplay, so I guess Vanquish will also be in a league of its own for a while.

Unicron2836d ago

Oh if only it had splitscreen COOP. (No competitive)

Anon73492835d ago

But this isn't some generic bald space marine game, this is something interesting. It looks like a cross between armored core and bayonetta.

Can't wait to play this.