E3: MS Blinds Core Audiences With Xbox Gifts

NowGamer: Microsoft's Xbox 360 giveaway may have been a cute distraction to bedazzle those that received it, but for those not in the audience the message was more than clear...

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jimmins2929d ago

... But I still wish I was in the audience to get one of these babies for zip.

Vo_Cal2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

This conference was pretty lame, but I'm still excited to play the Kinetic-Kinect-GodDamnitwhatev erucallit with my kids...

I just hope they bring that Star Wars game to the Move also, seems like it would play better with that kind of controller.

But 2 each their own.

Shadow Flare2929d ago

I still can't get over that they faked the natal demonstrations with pre-recorded footage. At BOTH of their events. It's absolutely pathetic

GrieverSoul2929d ago

Yeah! That was a cheap move.
Also, the only time the crowd actually sounded excited was when they said the new 360 "its on us" thing.

Christopher2929d ago

People say it was an attempt to buy out the journalists in the audience. But, wouldn't any journalist worth their salt not accept the free device to maintain at least a semblance of integrity?

I dunno, I just think it kind of goes both ways in regards to giving and accepting such gifts. At least that's how it works at our company.

Al Bundy2929d ago

You know MS will count those free Xboxes as sold.

itisa2929d ago

Bubble for intelligent comment.

Inside_out2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

WoW...These guy's hate M$...everything they did was bad...hard to take a site like this serious...never mind the dumb subject material...

I wish M$ invited 360 gamers only to there pains me that guys just like Nowgamer are gonna get a free 360...Especially one that looks that good...

Looking forward to Sony...Nintendo and another many have they re-done...5-6...they just keep selling...Nintendo could bottle their farts and people would line up to buy it...Same with Sony for that matter...another PS3 in they say..half the features...same price but with a game included...danks Sony u da bestest..

Feckles2929d ago

Don't think a multiformat site would be overly biased...

EVILDEAD3602929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

'Definitely not a lot from MS for Core Gamers...'

Obviously what has happened is people have NO idea what the 360 Core gamers have been playing for the last four years..

Halo Reach..The biggest exclusive franchise in the Xbox history for the 360 'core gamer'

Gear of War 3..The second largest exclusive franchise in the 360 history for the 360 'core gamer'

Fable 3..The biggest exclusive RPG for the 360 core gamer

For the very First time all 3 of those games are being released within 6 Months of each other

The 360 'core gamer' w/ the shooter friendly 360 controller and Xbox Live have supported all of the major shooters this gen..

This year the 360 'core gamer' will be in shooter heaven with an unprecedented amount of AAA big budget multi-plat shooters dropping

Call of Duty: Black Ops, BulletStorm, Crysis 2, Ghost Recon all will be HUGE title on the 360

The other big 360 fan favorite is Fallout: Vegas..

Plus the indies are dropping some really underrated and cool software

The point is 360 'Core' games will be just fine..2010 has already been a great year for the core 360 gamer..

The release of Kinetic is simply NOT going to change that fact

On topic..Now Gamer can hate on the Microsft Oprah moment..but that classic move is going down in E3 history..


slutface2929d ago

omg same old tired franchises....arent u tired of fps? lol

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RedDragan2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

And just like the report says it is to give the journalists a "feel good factor" with the company giving out the gifts.

However the report seems to make out that only Microsoft do this. Not so because Apple, HTC, Nokia, Phillips etc have been doing this for years. It's standard, perhaps not in the gaming industry but it will be done by all of them in 2011 and that includes the software companies as well. Microsoft have only brought the practice into E3, not invented the practice.

It makes you wonder though, how many gadgets do these people have if the go to every technology convention lol

RedDragan2929d ago

Sony fankid disagree's with me?

Listen kid, it's not big to disagree and run.

I was playing games before you were a tadpole swimming around in daddies sack, how you managed to complete the great race is beyond logic. And that is proved by logic being beyond you.

One update that N4G left off the website update... being able to see who disagree's and who agree's, that sort of thing could be used to weed out those who abuse the system.

blizzard_cool2929d ago

I just disagreed to your first post after seeing this, you sir are what we call a giant jackass!

Thank you for reading, goodbye!

Hellsvacancy2929d ago

So did i coz your actin like a girl man

RedDragan2929d ago

So what you are saying is that I am wrong? Talk about abusing the system! What I said was right and the only reason the disagree came is because some Playstation kid didn't like the fact I went a tiny bit towards supporting 360.

negative2929d ago

Love the avatar. What's that Sony fankid's name????

zaz122929d ago

I disagree with you because you are a jackass

BabyTownFrolics2929d ago

I prefer the digg system. choosing agree or disagree is way to vague especially when we are discussing subjects that may have subtle nuances to them as well as shades of grey.

Hell I can like someones comment even if I dont agree with them.

I also think that if you do choose agree/disagree you should be forced to post.

without some rules its just the mob and folks with multiple accounts, you know its crazy when someone states a verifiable fact but gets disagreed all to hell.

it can be quite frustrating

HighDefinition2929d ago

No gaming company has done that at E3 in it`s history. So it not that standard.

Sometimes it`s NOT fanboys who just spam the disagree button. Some people just stay stupid sh!t and get disagreed with. Right now, that`s you.

Don`t take it so personal.

VileAndVicious2929d ago

Agreed. Red Dragon your exactly right about the cell phone manufacturers giving away free hardware. However this is completely unheard of in the gaming industry.

Has Sega ever done this? No. Nintendo? No. Sony? You get where Im going with this. After seeing just how bad MS's conference was yesterday it just seem like an act of desperation to get in good graces with the media.

...oh and I disagreed with you because your wrong. I would have taken a bubble if I thought you were being a d!ck.

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adamx2929d ago ShowReplies(2)
Tunerboy87322929d ago

I dont care how terrible a press conference is.You give away free stuff it will even put a smile on hitler's face.

dc12929d ago

Points won/loss on 'extreme over the topness'....O_o

Shadow Flare2929d ago

what i don't get is how it affects us. I've read some articles which almost make out as though we should forgive microsoft because they gave away free 360's. Uh...did we get them? No, only the people at e3 did. We got left with one of the most boring, fakest e3 conferences ever. How does ms giving the people at e3 free 360's make that better for us?

zoks3102929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

The new 360 look great, but it's the bribing that i dont agree with.

It's funny how they give the media free consoles but turn around and charge us possible consumers $299 for a 5 year old console that dont even have BluRay.

WTF M$? I guess to them herding the media is easier, more profitable, and better than the public gamers like me and you guys.

Only a complete tool will go out and buy the new 360 after M$ gave it to game journalist for free.

The media should not accepts gifts period. The people in attendance at E3 were dominantly the press.

PR0X12929d ago

First comment on N4PS3G that made me laugh!

3sq2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

But was you there? Did you get one? I guess not, I could understand if they(those at press conference) smiled, but you?

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Heartnet2929d ago

Imagine RTS’s with that voice and gesture technology.. voice does not work what soever i think Tom Clancys Hawk proved that xD

and gesture err.. i dunno maybe but it wud be wierd since rts arnt straight top view there slanted slightly lol so.. possibly but nah.. norm controller is best for RTS

the-show-stopper2929d ago

endwar did a pretty good job with the voice tech

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