Eating healthy at E3: Is this even possible?

E3 has been known to include a lot of free snacks; most of them not good for you. Heck, there's even a company called GamerGrub that will be giving away snacks to help promote the "gamer" lifestyle. However, those who choose the healthier choices during E3 usually end up getting the most out of their day.

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Nike2958d ago

The Solid Snake route to eating. Right on!

Milky Joe2958d ago

Nah, go Naked Snake and live of the local wildlife.

Christopher2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Not at the convention center or from the vendors across the street (bacon wrapped hot dogs with mayo heart attack express). There are a ton of restaurants in the area, though, that serve healthy food.

Tomdc2958d ago

you clicked on it.. so I'm assuming you? :P

Captain Tuttle2958d ago

Nah, this site exists to express opinions. Judging by your logic since you replied you care about me. I'm flattered but not at all interested.

Tomdc2957d ago

nope i care about highlighting stupid moves. It's a bit strange to click on something that you don't care about is all.. I mean do you deliberately go to concerts you won't enjoy? Why put yourself through it.

AusWarrior2958d ago

They should all line up for food like at a canteen, microsoft employees at the back :)

bub162958d ago

i watch e3 at home and i eat crap loads of junk food while watching. i dont want to sit there eating a carrot :(