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Xbox 360 Slim vs. Xbox 360: Tech Comparison

Xbox 360 Slim vs. Xbox 360 - Videogameszone compared both consoles and lists up the differences. (Xbox 360)

adamx  +   1874d ago
It's a improvment that should have been done 3 years ago. It doesnt look much smaller then the original, but anyway it looks like ps3 fat and wii hooked up and created this mutt.
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NY_State   1874d ago | Trolling | show
Kill Crow  +   1874d ago
can we ban these useless Translated sites ....
they suck. simple as. suck!
ssipmraw  +   1874d ago
not very slim... kinda stubby
Tunerboy8732  +   1874d ago
I like the matte white color over the glossy black for the simple fact it stays much cleaner.
GurlPlease  +   1874d ago
Well looks like its time to upgrade my xbox
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KilZoneGeneralStrife  +   1874d ago
looks sexy... But not that slim. ,I suppose just like girls,they can be sexy and have some meat on ya.or big bones.whatever.
cmrbe  +   1874d ago
Is it just me
or the new slim x360 don't look that much slimmer?. MS suck ass at hardware.5 years and this is the best they can do?. Heck i bet my PS3 slim is slimmer than the x360 slim.

Is the power brick still seprate?.
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strotee  +   1874d ago
"Is the power brick still seprate?."

TheXgamerLive  +   1874d ago
Wannabe ps3 fanboys crack me up
their like lil b_____s always crying, but but but but,ha ha sad lil girls. It's about 1/3rd smaller than the original and still much smaller than the ps3 slim even. Hell, the original Xbox 360 is smaller than the slim, so chil ladies, it's ok.

p.s. it's NOT CALLED SLIM, the media say's thaat. it's called the Xbox 360 250 gig by MS. at $299 and only $149 for the arcade.
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Arnon  +   1874d ago
"Heck i bet my PS3 slim is slimmer than the x360 slim."

The PS3 slim is as big as the original Xbox 360. Considering this is smaller than that, I would assume that this is smaller than the PS3 Slim.
divideby0  +   1874d ago
still the external brick....amazing how the PS3 kept all its guts inner and dont overheat..
mushroomwig  +   1874d ago
It just goes to show how much of a hardware company Sony is while Microsoft is a software company.
XtreemGamer  +   1874d ago
Because Sony can make reliable hardware... M$ can't.
Halochampian  +   1874d ago
i agree in this gen. But last gen was the complete opposite.

Xbox was the reliable one whereas the PS2 was very unreliable.
nickjkl  +   1874d ago
hey at least my ps2 survived the entire generation and then some it wasnt until i dropped it 5 times by tripping over the cord did it break
Halochampian  +   1874d ago
the ps2 had about 10% failure rate. Which isnt as bad as the 360 but is still not within the standards of electronics (5%)
-MD-  +   1874d ago
Xbox was unreliable? I bet you could throw that thing down a flight of stairs and it would still work. On the other hand I had 4 PS2 consoles die of disc read errors.
cmrbe  +   1874d ago
Thats because Sony are
the forerunners of skynet.
KilZoneGeneralStrife  +   1874d ago
basically,its insides are rearranged to be cooler
and the hdd is an internal 2,5' hdd.Ive got 2 white 360s.a premium and an arcade for backup,no reason to upgrade.I hope its more secure,maybe more capable of stopping those bastard pirates
crazyclown  +   1874d ago
looks ugly...
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chidori666  +   1874d ago
MS is pathetic. First they're copying Sony by creating a 360 Slim. Second they're copying the PS3 by giving it that same black finish and the same way of removing the hard drive. And only NOW the 360 has built in WiFi LMAO...
PimpHandHappy  +   1874d ago
they didnt copy
did they even call it slim? Because if they did they live in lala land because that thing is NOT slim
squelchy15  +   1874d ago
You do know that Sony weren't the first to slim down consoles right?
and the black Wii has the same finish, are they copying too? The Wii also has WiFi? Everything seems to have built in WiFi these days, like my iPod touch...But I guess apple were copying Sony too right? Just like Sony copied M$ with achievements and a built in HDD....Right?
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CellularDivision  +   1874d ago
It just brings joy to my soul to see a fanboy get pwnd.

Thank you, pimp and squelchy.
DeeBee  +   1874d ago
What I find funny is, as someone mentioned in one of the gazillion other articles relating to the new 360, is people (notably PS3 fanboys) complained and ridiculed the 360 for it's lack of Wi-Fi, it's size, it's overheating problems etc .. Then M$ change things, they add Wi-Fi, they address (hopefully) the over-heating issues, they make changes in areas that people complained about. And what happens? Now the PS3 fanboys don't have half their arguments on "why the PS3 is superior to a 360" so instead they say MS is copying Sony.

Some days you just can't win.
N4PS3Fanboys  +   1874d ago
At least Kinect is something fresh and new, unlike Move which is like a carbon copy of the Wiimote and nunchuck, except in HD.

And amen to that DeeBee. So true. Damage control is hilarious.
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Droid Control  +   1874d ago
Looks beautiful.
poopface1   1874d ago | Spam
vampstreak  +   1874d ago
I want someone to open it up so we can actually look inside and see what really matters.
poopface1  +   1874d ago
Look at all the SANDY VAGINAS in here.
Independent_Charles  +   1874d ago
Memo-Xen x3100  +   1874d ago
360S is not capable of RROD
The 360S will only indicate error through on screen messages. Distancing the 360 from red light issues is a step in right direction for certain.
kevin360uk  +   1874d ago
theres me getting excited from the news of the Xbox 360 Slim.... then i actually see comparison shots... Will probably still get on, but definitely not on launch, don't forget its a new design "slimmer" system by Microsoft so you just never know!
Really surprised about the hard drive change, surely Microsoft will supply free transfer kits ?
Anyway, this Xbox 360 "Slim" could have been done years ago.
news4noobs  +   1874d ago
it's so damn sexy
i think i'm gonna leave my wife and marry it!
Voltago  +   1873d ago
besides all tech stuff
the new console is simply the best looking console on the market and fits best into my living room. thanks, MS!
PinBallMachine  +   1873d ago
So besides the built in WIFI and awesome look what else does this nifty xbox have that's different from the original 360?

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