Hard News 06/14/10

Today we report on a rumor, I talk about all the amazing stuff that EA announced, and WHAT THE F#$% MICROSOFT?

Enjoy my poor speaking/reading ability at a few points and comment about it!

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MasFlowKiller2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

"in a scale from 1 to fuck you, we all give your conference a fuck you",

but in reality the only people to blame is the media.

Follow me with this.

remember all those PS3 is doom articles,
sony took that to heart, the media backlash was so big sony had to make game to stay relevant.
At the same time the media was blowing Microsoft so hard, microsoft really could do no wrong.
How could you not see this was coming?
Microsoft concentration hasn't been on exclusives for a long time, instead they focus a lot of their effort in making popular Sony games multiplat, GTA, FF, DMC.

So reality, is not really Microsoft fault becuase the media has never responded properly to their lack of exclusives, so Microsoft really didn't have anything to respond to, they were making money without having to make exclusives.
The media did not hold Microsoft to the fire like they did with the PS3, when it was lacking exclusives

so good job media

LiquifiedArt2807d ago

To the point and I agree with his sentiments.

DavidBanner2807d ago

A real crazy world and when it bites it bites hard

DavidBanner2807d ago

Good observation and Microsoft was riding on some what miss information and paid information.
Lets see what Sony has for us today i hope they do something right.

iliimaster12807d ago

funny but very true stuff

BannedForNineYears2807d ago

It was my favorite Hard News....It's great that they upload every episode to Youtube.

Parapraxis2807d ago

That was freaking awesome...full of truthiness too.