Vanquish Hands-on Preview: "Faster than Modern Warfare, more explosive than Killzone"

CVG writes: "Enemies killed 52. Times died zero. Friendlies revived two... the list goes on. As we stare at the screen, we have another moment of indecision. Should we play again on Normal? Or Hard? More certainly, there's nothing like Vanquish on any console; fusing Modern Warfare 2's byte-size Spec Ops missions to Bayonetta wild bosses, with unique, compelling, aggression."

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DiLeCtioN2778d ago

seriously am gonna buy this game but i really hate the fact that multiplayer was ruled out, wtf...

Nike2778d ago

Game like this seems made for multiplayer, but you know Platinum Games and Mikami - when they go for single player experiences, they give their all. I'm loving the gameplay for Vanquish and I hope they release it soon.

Cloudberry2778d ago

Since I don't have an Internet connection for my 360 & PS3 yet (money issues...) + I'm also not a Multi-Player gamer, I'm hoping the Single Player would be at least good.

MNicholas2778d ago

From the looks of it, Crysis 2 is just another generic shooter.

Vanquish is a genuine genre-buster. Very exciting to see some genuine innovation in gaming.

DelbertGrady2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Didn't know it was an FPS. Silly flamebait title ftw?

Nike2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Yeah, the title is silly for sure (can think of more "fast-paced" stuff than Modern Warfare and more "explosive" stuff than Killzone 2 if we want to be literal), but if the game is all it can be, I say build the hype. If Vanquish lives up to it or surpasses it, great. If it doesn't, no skin off our backs. And if it's still fun, then day one. :)

dredgewalker2778d ago

I'm really excited about the game and i hope that Vanquish delivers the action it promises. 2010 is now officially the greatest year of gaming for everyone.

jaosobno2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Too bad there is no multiplayer, it would rock!!! But I bet we can expect it in Vanquish 2.

cmrbe2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Lighting fast and deep but particle effects is nothing compare to KZ2.

I really don't know what you guys are talking about regarding single player. Byonetta SP is completely forgettable. Comical with its comical soundtrack. I am not surprise if Vanguish is the same.

Just because you have alot of explosions and stuff happening around doesn't make it amazing.

Honestly playing the rocket sequence as well as the bike sequence made me feel like i was playing an old arcade game.

Vanguish looks good though. I will most likely buy it as well. If the combat is as good as Byonetta then that is worth the price alone.

As for those that are complaining about no MP. Booh HooH.

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