New F1 2010 Screenshots Released in HD by Codemasters

Codemasters has just released six new screenshots of F1 2010 in glorious HD and they look breathtaking.

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blu3print2778d ago

Career mode in this will be boring if you have to start in one of the back marker teams with them being 4 to 6 seconds of the pace. There's no way you can make up & maintain places in those 6 cars at the back of the grid

SynGamer2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

From what's I've heard and read, the game is going to be set up more like challenges than outright winning. So instead of tasking the playing with winning in a back-marker, the player will be 'challenged' to finish 10th, or 12th, or something similar to that, early on at least. As you move up and get offers from other teams and your performance improves your goals will change.

EDIT: For anyone looking for more information regarding F1 2010, check out the following thread; http://community.codemaster...

Projekt7tuning2778d ago

A must have! I can't wait for this one.
Off topic a bit, but this gen has had some very good racing sims.

Jake3602778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I hope Gran Turismo 5 has a weather system as complex as this. We'll know in a hand full of hours. :)

earbus2778d ago

Yes more on this game please hanging to get this and test drive 2 ,most eager racing games coming out for me and gt5 if it makes it this year.

SynGamer2778d ago

The new Need For Speed Hot Pursuit looks great too. Great season for racing games!

tatotiburon2778d ago

i can't wait fro this game, looks amazing

chak_2778d ago

flashpoint looked amazing.

it was utter crap. watch out, coddy marketing is good

SynGamer2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Flashpoint was a good game, not sure what you're talking about. It wasn't your run-of-the-mill, face-paced action shooter like a lot of crap that's out these days. You had to take your time and plan your shots while sneaking up on the enemies. I liked it.

Back on topic...I can't wait for F1 2010. It looks amazing but more importantly everything I see and hear boasts about how well the cars handle. Any racing fan knows that a game MUST handle well.

EDIT: I'm talking about Dragon Rising. To each their own but I enjoyed the game.

chak_2778d ago

uh? I'm talking about dragon rising dude.

The original flashpoint remains one of my favorite game. Dragon rising was crap, and dumbed down to please ... won't say

toaster2778d ago

Well apart from Dragon Rising, Codemasters makes some pretty good games. Their racing games are amazing. TOCA, Grid and Dirt were awesome. Especially TOCA RD3. Dirt 2 was great but not as fun as the first one but had amazing visuals on my PC. Grid was one of the first to get cockpit view playable and enjoyable. I played the whole game in cockpit view with all the HUD turned off.