Engadget: Kinect Sports and Joy Ride previewed

Engadget: has already gone a bit more in-depth with the likes of Kinect Adventures, Dance Galaxy, and Your Shape, but we also had a couple brief thoughts on Microsoft's motion-centric sports pack and cartoon racer.

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WhittO2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

You need alot of space to play! Looks really like...all over the place when playing tbh.

Nice to see "normal people" playing it though and not people from MS.

Megahurtz19862925d ago

Microsoft really screwed up with this whole "No Controller" thing. The Technology has been around since the PS2 with eye toy and never really caught on so what makes them think its going to happen now? Plus its priced at $149.......WTF!! As a Sony fan I use to respect Microsoft because they keep the Play Station brand on its toes and even beating them in 07.

But its about to be lights out them if they don't clean up this mess they made at E3 because its looking like Sony is bout to go in for the kill.

fooltheman2925d ago

hmm they don't seem confident