Crysis 2: Xbox 360 gameplay from E3 now in stunning HD

Cynamite has the new Crysis 2 Xbox 360 gameplay footage that was shown at the EA press conference at E3 2010 now in stunning HD quality.

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Shmai_the_Cat2622d ago

OMG, I love those graphics. Finally there's a good quality video of the gameplay. The ending is simply amazing, the effects look great.
If the 360 version's running smoothly Crysis 2 will be the best-looking xbox game. I can't imagine that the PS3 will perform any better.

SonySoldiers2622d ago ShowReplies(7)
hennessey862622d ago

all the sony geeks must agree with him

vhero2622d ago

Looks good but it's not gonna touch its PC counterpart nor either of the big hitting console exclusives gears/killzone.

OSU_Gamer2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

true dat

I also think Halo Reach is looking pretty darn good, obviously not as good a KZ, but still pretty impressive for the 360.

360 man2622d ago

I disagree i think crysis 2 is looking better than gears 3 and killzone 3.

Richdad2622d ago

I think you are 100% right. The 3d video demo in EA conference was better than Killzone 3 or Gears 3.

Crysis is going for real life like graphics which is hard to get and Gears 3 and Killzone 3 are going for different style they dont have life like graphics.

inveni02622d ago

Crysis 2 looks a lot better than I expected. It's no PC version, but it's definitely the best looking shooter the 360 has to offer. I don't think, however, that it tops Killzone 2 or 3. Crysis may push more polys, but the lighting design in KZ2&3 is just incredible. Plus, the action in KZ2&3 is more "in-your-face" and gritty. Crysis seems a little more "arcade-like", and that really ruins the illusion for me.

Bottom line, though, is that there will be a solid choice for gamers when it comes to graphics on both systems.

fooltheman2622d ago

I didn't have the connection to the world when watching
(got it with AC brotherhood though)

el zorro2621d ago

I agree, now that I have seen a clearer video Crysis 2 looks better to me than Killzone 3. It is crisper and more realistic looking. Killzone 3 has a more stylized look to it, which I guess some are going to say looks better. But in terms of just what the graphics are doing and the detail I think Crysis 2 is the best I have seen on consoles so far.

thewhoopimen2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

I don't know man... I still see alot of things missing in Crysis2 360 that doesn't quite put in my book up to standards yet with KZ3.

Mocap: Still no mocap. Watch the guy on the turret at the beginning of the vid. All the enemies are NPCs are all hand animated. There is no mocapping of bullet impact on individual parts of the body. Enemies clip though the floor and walls rather than slump from their weight. This contributes to that arcadey feel I get from watching the video.

Particle effects: Those shiny bits that flair out of an explosion. Crysis2 does it two ways in that demo. They either diffuse in the air, or they fall through to the ground. There is still no physics bounce of weighted particles. Fire the Assault rifle or any gun on full auto in KZ and you will see every one of those particles bounce at least 2 or 3 times before diffusing. It sounds like i'm nitpicking, but everyone of those glorified bounces is a physical calculation being done. Watch how the bounce pattern changes depending on terrain. It doesn't just hit armor bounce and disappear like i see in this vid.

Smoke Effects: The explosions from guns and grenades are puffy and disappear within 1/2 a sec. Watch them. They just radiate and all of sudden are gone. Granted KZ2 has this same problem but we're seeing the smoke move with the air flow and wash away. Not just disappear. Honestly there are some smoke effects that linger in Crysis2 as well. I notice it mainly with the boss moving around, but the guns or bombs don't.

Glass particles: Speaking of this.... Those are old school hand drawn glass explosions. They're really well done, but you can totally tell.
They don't bounce, they fall through the floor, and they don't reflect or refract light like real glass.

heroprotagonist2621d ago

Your just listing things you like about Killzone and saying Crysis 2 can't be as good because it doesn't have those things. But you know, what about those things that Crysis 2 does better than Killzone 2? The freedom and scale of the environments just to name one.

thewhoopimen2619d ago

Good point. However, that scale of environment was demonstrated during a CryEngine3 tech demo. Not the same thing as actual in-game. I seem to recall Unreal 3's tech demo a few years back demonstrating shooting meat blobs and having hundreds of grunts on screen. Those never showed up in game lol. The features I mention about KZ2 are at least demonstrated in actual gameplay.

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popup2622d ago

The sound effects are amazing on this game. Impresses me more than the graphics!

GWAVE2622d ago

lulz @ people (read: blind fanboys) STILL thinking that multiplats can compete with the graphics and physics of exclusives...


Lulz .... your late, they already have..

DaTruth2621d ago

Let me guess... Suddenly graphics matter again??? Till it releases at 540p and PS3 owners and fanboys start laughing it up in 360 fanboys faces and then PS3 fanboys are the worst again!

el zorro2621d ago

Huh? Graphics have always mattered to some extent, they just aren't the most important aspect of a game. Crysis 2 looks stunning and I think the gameplay looks great, but if by some chance the gameplay didn't turn out to be good then the fact that it has stunning graphics would not make it a good game.

baodeus2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Graphic doesn't make a great game, that is true, but what Sony fanboy been claiming that Ps3 is a generation ahead of x360 in graphics or physics...etc...well just look at it and tell me if that is true. Again, both console are very similar in power (PS3 has the advantage of the CPU, x360 has the advantage of better GPU and easier to develop for). This is not even the better video for crysis 2. Here look up on this in game play.

I don't think any game on consoles has come this far in graphics. Those guy at crytek are sure talented group. They really did magic on x360 so far..don't know about PS3 yet (would probably look the same). The gameplay/story might be a different story, but the graphics and physics are there no doubt about it. Then again, most people might still end up play MW or Halo instead....who knows.

I sure hope Crysis 2 looks the same on PS3, so we can end this stupid fanboy debate about which console is better.

Ju2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

OK, lets post some links. How about this one:

This was presented in 3D, btw.

Crysis2 sure look good, but not better than that.

The Creep2621d ago

okay analysing the 2 links. killzone 3's art style and art direction in unmatched, but crysis 2's technical brilliance far surpasses any game ive seen on console. just look at the textures of the walls and the ambient oclusion used.

what im trying to say is whilst killzone 3 looks really good the textures still look a bit plastic from close up. but crysis is bordering unto that real type of look.

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BYE2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

I actually prefer the look and atmosphere of this game to Killzone 3.

psycho3602621d ago

WHY have they made it difficult to ignore a troll? Earlier it was just under the name tag now we hv to click the user and ignore him from his home page. Anyway better to do this than keep seeing idiots rambling on.

Hallmark Moment2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

So this is what happens when devs push the 360 hardware not using dime a dozen Multi platform engines. Finally somebody proves this with a game that looks better than anything in the history of consoles. Knowing the power of the 360 based on most multi plats being superior wasn't enough for some but I'm sure after making the best looking game ever shouldn't leave any doubt. Ghost Recon, Gears of War and Halo all looked stunning running with all the action and visual effects on screen as well, even Killzone 3 looked good even though the action and what was visually going on on the screen is nothing compared to Crysis, Halo, Gears, Ghost Recon.

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MGRogue20172622d ago

"Footage In Stunning HD"


fireplace2622d ago

Well that's a german website...

Chris_TC2622d ago

There may well be an HD version on Youtube. But this crappy embedded video won't link you to the Youtube site of the video where you could pick 720p.

GenerationWinner2622d ago

now imagine what crytek is gonna do with their exclusive 360 game....cant wait :)

DelbertGrady2622d ago

If they can make a multiplat look better than Killzone 3 imagine what they can do with an exclusive.

captain-obvious2622d ago

?"If they can make a multiplat look better than Killzone 3"

oh wow
really ??

and funny how all of you bash crytic and crysis 1 and 2
because the game play sucks "as you PPL claim"
yet hype a game that we didn't see anything from
heck that game might be a multiplat or timed exclusive
who knows

Taker_1292622d ago

Sorry Dude but that did not look better then Killzone 3. It looked good just not better.

bjornbear2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

well...I hope Crysis 2 (releasing thins year) looks better than KZ3 (a year before its release), otherwise Crytek would be a joke.

now lets see you say that next year ;)

hint: you won't.

@ Obvious:

its MS ffs, of course its timed exclusive xD

Ju2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

The only thing I know is, that Crytek is late to the party and try to hard to beat KZ3. What was that dump 3D announcement ? All platforms, huh ? With red and green glasses. Heck, Batman:AA had that before them. And has nothing on real 3D, yet they boost that all over the place - guess why.

Some game play elements in Crysis2 are straight out stolen from other games. That mech game play ? WTH.

The more I see from Crysis the more I think these guys will take a mouthful. A bit too much for my taste. They try too hard and choose their target a bit too high. To much it almost ruins the game for me. Show up or put up. If they want to compete with KZ3 so bad, why not show any PS3 footage at E3 - next to KZ3, heh ?

360 man2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

it did look better than killzone 3

look at the realistic textures, no game on console has textures like that

but dont look at that crappy vid. you need to see the gametrailers vid